Sunday, June 21, 2015

These are the times you find out who your true friends are not just your facebook friends

Oh how impersonable we as a nation and society have become. With the passing of one of my not just UCSMC friends but a childhood friend, and while again the Knytes as he too was a member stood up and was there with not only honors of our forgotten member, but an arm around me saying all will be fine we'll all be together in Stovacore. Yet with that and all going on with the church shootings in South Carolina, did anyone, I mean ANYONE here in Evanston come by and say we kind of know what your going through maybe we can at least offer a prayer. Even my friendly Bishop and or a counselor could have at least dropped by. Which leads me to a few insights. A few weeks ago, there was the singing of the Star Spangled Banner in our ward, here in Wyoming. As much as I wanted to, I could not in good conscience stand up and sing that song. It's not that I'm unpatriotic or anything hell I spent 35 years of my life defending and fighting for it. Yet the fact remains, the same nation I stood and fought for is coming unglued at the very threads of the stars and stripes. Yet all I got was a chewing off, and have not yet, had one member of the church come by and say, your forgiven, how about coming back to church. This past Friday, even though I was in Burley doing some duty to Dennies family during the tragedy of their loss, not even a phone call from Brother Dean to say are you coming to clean the church? This reminds me of the same take out garbage that I got at my Mom's funeral, in 1983 at the Hazzard ward of the LDS Church. At the end of that funeral, the Knytes were there, some of the cast from the Dukes were there, many put their arm around me , two club members stayed overnight with me to make sure I was okay, Jimmy rode with me to Grace Idaho for the burriel. Yet, not one member of that congregation of the LDS church even said we're sorry for your loss, but they sure ate themselves pig full at the wake. Their kids enjoyed the toys I alone donated to 14 families with 12 kids a piece, a lady who tirelessly gave and served the church, yet not even one Relief Society member, not one Elder or Priesthood member came by and said can we help, in any way? Yet the Knytes were there. Granted I am greatful as can be at the charity that the Uinta Ward of the LDS Church gave me and the club in recovering the radio gear, paying of my rent for a few months so I could get my feet under me here, but there are times when just a visit, from the church, a prayer, and a shoulder to cry on, is worth more than any financial assistance. 
Most of the years before , and I'm getting to something here, most of the years prior to relocating from Twin Falls to Utah then reluctantly here to Evanston, on Fathers Day, I at least got a phone call from my eldest son Eddy. Or a card, or even a visit, taking me to eat at Denny's there in Pocatello when I lived there. Yet today only my daughter called saying to a my best Dad. But nobody else. Today would have been a good day for a church member to drop by. But nope. So dear Bishop, if I don't come running back to the Ward, for a few more weeks , now you know why.