Saturday, June 27, 2015

Don't wait Openings are only Temporary

When I post an opening online, its not for frills or thrills, its because there is a task that I usually don't have time to do, but yet must be done. There are tons of reasons that I post for online air personalities, that just happen to be female rather than male. Its because there's most likely many male Knytes as well as Wolf Pack members that are of the he gender that I need to match that personality up with to do radio. The idea being once we have the new streaming platform chosen and plugged in, the radio thing needs to be running LIVE 24/7/365. For right now doing this three days out of the week plus overnight on weekends, as HazzardAyre, its okay to have just one or two that I need to train, getting experienced radio people in on a marginally hobby radio gig, is not realistic. Last week a couple of lights shown that I found very inviting. Of which is fully on board, I think, the other hasn't jumped ship from her previous vocation although she held me up from producing Wednesday's show in the afternoon. The disruption however wasn't bad as I got a business partner at HCC, as well, as a tech guru that can be a benefit to HazzardAyre. What happened to Becky? Nobody knows and I damn well ain't going to beg. I'm one that promise me once, deny me next, forget to show, its adios no matter gal or guy. Quite frankly even with the way too much a bit too late, relocating this radio gig west is not that big a reach, however if the right things gets lined up I'm in, but only if they begin to line up, or this old Wolf ain't freezing in western Wyoming another year. There's just not that much here. 
Met a slight ray of Sunshine named Victoria, that has me wrapped right around her sweet little finger. Not to get mushy, but she could easily be an executive in the business side of the Knytes. But only if she takes it seriously enough to glue her rear end to me and stick on my heels for the next three months. Remember October is the deadline for making the final cut.
Any mile, watching Teen Beach 2 on Disney, not so much for story, but costume design for the upcoming movie the Hazzard Knytes. More Hazzard County, less Dukes.
Want to remind club members, we are boycotting Wal-Mart, Amazon, Sears, and all stores that decided it was politically correct to ban selling anything with our Confederate flag on it. While stores that do are selling our rebel flag at a fever pace, guess this one will blow up in Obama's face wont it. He says don't do it, while we all will do it.
Last on the shop, to Joey and all its time to get serious about that. Come by next Saturday, no $450.00 I close the shop, put the rigs in there in storage and me focus on radio, plus relocation to Idaho, there's just not that much in Evanston that get's my shorts wet, to the point that I forget common rebel sense.