Thursday, June 18, 2015

Maybe its time to look for another stream provider

Had a great show last night, hope most of ya'll heard it, but when I looked in the archive saved part of  and looked for the show we called HazzardAyre Twisted Sister, could not find. No it wasn't about the rock group of that name it was about a wyld ryde and the music that went along with it, but hey it is what it is. The old adage of you get what you pay for may apply, here. However like most things, I ain't buying until I know that if I invest $500.00 for a year the bastard is going to work as it has been. What it means is doing last nights show all over again. However the frustration grows and I'd be lying if I said the Knytes and I are looking for another service and finding out how to migrate our programming from Livestream elsewhere. Bet your ass I'm on the phone in the AM with somebody there at Livestream, that should have been saved yet wasn't. 
Okay then, looks as though the gal from Texas flew the Wolf-Pack, guess she was intimidated by the MC or that the radio gig is owned and operated by an MC. Whatever it is that shook her guess she wasn't as much of a biker type as we would have liked. Too bad too, since I had full intentions of plugging her into the Burley station. Guess she thought we were part of another station there(KBAR) we ain't. Although had good old Kim went along with the plan it would have been, that's why we sold KTOW to that outfit in Colorado. But as I said on air last night, I myself do not get one damn cent for this radio gig, all outside talent does and gets paid damn good for it. Me I do it because of my love for you who are members of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, as well as the AyreWolvez. Any way I ran a full 5 hours, hope it got out, I think it did as we had a few callers, but damn Livestream, when I push the button to save a show, I damn well better have it saved.