Friday, June 19, 2015

tODAY i DID WHAT i AIN'T done in awhile

This morning I did two things I ain't done too often these last few weeks. First I got off the air on time, and on budget. We made some money on air last night. With that in mind I then sat , had coffee and watched FoX 13 news and while it was what news is, I'm very impressed by the hot blonde , FoX 13 has doing weather. Okay then, my insides though are all twisted up. Guess that chilli I had at 21:00 hours preve eve didn't help much.  Its also residual of the uphevil that was that seatcover from Texas. She's okay and all, and she can believe what she wants to, but there was a job for her here at HazzardAyre. Thing is that both Kim and Kent ain't been to swell on me nor the Knytes since Kim killed the buy of KBAR. Considering that he saw us as a threat if we had've bought that dinky station. But what the hell even Bambi has enemies. However too, the ordeal, made me realize , just as I said last night on air, I like women just fine, they smell purtty and all, but I'll keep from getting too emotional and caring both from a personal and especially professional basis. It also reminded me, why I live and like to live by myself. While my four pawed cousins are social creatures, this Wolf ain't one of them. I like my privacy.
Okay then on the ride that was planned for this weekend that has been put off until the 11th or right after the 4th of July, the reason is one of our Wolf-Pack of our brother organizations the AyreWolvez was killed in a SAM fight in Afgone as we call it. So we will be doing both 4 and 2 wheel road trip to Tooele Utah to honor him at his funeral. Deets on Highway Hooker 
We're looking at doing a flyover as well in his honor. News deets will be on Fox 13.
Can't wait to move home to or near Hazzard.