Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looking for a new carrier

We had a great show last night, good audience participation and good content. It went out, but our achieving or the recorded version never recorded. This is getting to becoming a real pain. Seems if the show runs longer than 4 hours the damn thing don't work. Not knocking Livestream, but maybe their thing don't work with ours too well, so now that we have a computer engineer on board now and soon to be on air lady person, maybe we need to start looking at albeit a higher price, but a new carrier. One of their sales people at Livestream has been working with us, but maybe Livestream isn't geared for 24/7/365 broadcasting, just short time stuff, whatever it is we need to look at what other over the air stations are using and follow suit. Problem with Livestream, they're on the Yankee coast, and we're in the Mountain West, meaning when I need my beloved shut eye, Jordan calls. I need a way especially if we're going to be paying $500.00 a year or better, is a better service, so we're kicking tires of other methods of delivery. But I was encouraged by your phone calls over the show preve eve, into early morning, addressing the concerns over our rebel flag, maybe that's why Livestream didn't record the show, maybe they are spooked by things southern heritage and culture.
Join us tonight at 23:00(11:00PM) to 04:00(4:00AM ).