Saturday, June 6, 2015

Radio in Hazzard County

Years and nearly an eon ago, just shortly after the Knytes was formed out of three groups, the TeenAge Truckers Association, the Street Commanders Club, and the JR-14 CB Club, we found that the noise of what our boys were doing was not very welcome on most reserved and stuck up radio and the one then TV station of the Tragic Valley. More over even with ad sponsor dollars, even the 4 Boise(then) TV stations were not too interested, and forget the Slime news.
So the bunch of us met and said lets build our own Hazzard County flavore cajun spiced radio station. Getting the license and all was as much of a pain in the ass , as it is today. Forget serving our public, the local what we did have in the Tragic Valley served Tweaker Flatts, not Hazzard or the Hazzard(Hagerman) valley. So there was this high school radio station that through some stiff armed negotiation, relented and decided to sell some of but not all of the analog radio gear they had there. So all 100 watts of a transmitter, a white, ( color here important) antenna and two pickups, a Uhaul Trailer and a Jeep, came home the building blocks of what now powers HazzardAyre Radio. Or at least some of it. More on that next time.
KHOGG or Hogg radio went on the air in September of 1976 , but due to being ratted out by a local fully licensed station in Tweaker Flatts, KHOGG became KTOW , fully licensed in September of 1983, shortly after my Moms death. During the time, of KHOGG, we'd do phony ads for just about every store that appeared on the hit TV show(The Dukes of Hazzard) that we saw. From Ruebottoms General Store, to Dixie Auto Parts, to Kim Wongs fried noodle cafe and CB shop. We even made up business' from the Hazzard Valley Mall, taken from the mall in Tweaker Flatts(Twin Falls) to Central City national Bank, when Daisy got hoodwinked in accepting gifts for being the 11, millionth customer, to others. What the mock very pirate and certainly fight the system station did, was give us a way to publicize and promote the gigs the Knytes were throwing, or honoring those who supported the Hazzard County Knytes. But it did more, the station introduced many youths to the world of over the air broadcasting, in fact our station even got under the skin of the then KLIX AM 1310 to form a radio Explorer Post. KHOGG, also showed other domestic rather ultra conservative radio stations that such shows as TalkNet, Dr. Ruth, and others could be ran without backlash, and many of them did. We also opened up the idea that such syndicated radio stations such as MRN and flag to flag door to door airing of major NASCAR races could be ran with wide open arms. Then it was possible for the farmer in his high top John Deere cab could listen to his fave NASCAR race and still plow, even on Sunday. We were for all intents thee radio station of Hazzard County. Of course the studio in Burbank heard about it, and with some discussion, the on TV Hazzard County had WHOGG and the rest of that was history.
Back then our radio station was housed in a fully built station studio room of our home overlooking Hazzard Valley. Back then male or female it didn't matter , all youth and even young adult came to the house at all hours to do radio. No body minded, and nothin hinky went on. Which is why I can't understand fully the reluctance of people here now that wont come to my place to do radio. Its not like their private parts or sexual exploits will occur. 
Finally, so that hopefully ya'll can understand. The Knyte's High Council voted last night to can the idea of a remote studio in town. The idea is that once and if at least 6 ladies of proper age, signs on and will be on air, then we'll move the station to the office at our shop. No use in paying for three places when two will do. So I live and do radio at the Wentworth, and the club and I build rides and go toew from the shop.
Hazzard County Choppers advances, that in my next edition.
HazzardAyre will be off air until MOnday, but we'll air both SAMCRO Radio( at 22:00 and Highway Hooker Radio overnight at midnight to 4:00AM( 
until then I'm going in and catching some sleep. Got up to clean the church today and I do not do mornings on weekends, but since I got to hit the Bishop up for rent for June Sunday afternoon, thought I'd better do something in return.