Monday, June 29, 2015

You want to get paid for what?

In these days of automatic entitlement you'd thing that everyone getting government aid wants to stay there. It ain't that much and its harder than hell to retain it. Be that as it may. Then I get some or near to be employees. Guess what, after months of doing the heavy lifting of not only HazzardAyre but also of the Knytes, I'm still doing everything myself. The club asks why are we worrying about paying anyone for anything, when their fearful nature is holding them back. The big question is pay them for what? Get off your ass, do the work, or don't bitch to future employees that you didn't get paid. Again pay you for what? Even then you never replied to my email to come out to the Wolfs Den to pick up your check.
I'm not going to sit around, holding you sweaty little hand guiding you around. You either work, leave  no in between, like Yoda said, Do- Don't , no Try. 
Clubs thoughts are still pointed at going back to Idaho, two months more to see. Deadline is Sept-1-2015.