Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dividing America again

America is being divided again. While the Church murder slaughtering in South Carolina was bad and tragic, and understand that in no way are we saying that was right, by southern tradition the feller would be hung. However this political condition of removing a symbol of southern heritage from states flags, and memorials to a war that was tragic in itself, is just a bunch of bigots and yes even racists trying to grab headlines to feather their government jobs. If this had been a senseless killing which it was, on a white person, in another place in this nation done by a black person, there might have been a few headlines but soon forgotten. This would though not be the rucus that its being headed up today, by such organizations as the NAACPA and on and on. At a time this nation needs to be united , this mess is going to split this nation up even further. Sure the Knytes-of-Anarchy is fighting to retain the very symbol of a culture and a society that is not racist, not a hate group, just people who truly believe our cause was right. Wal-Mart today said it will remove any and all merchandise and products that sport the Southern flag. Might I remind many, Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, Walgreens and other retailers were founded in the south, right in Atlanta, under that flag they want to now tarnish , because it serves not their sense of patriotism, but threatens their wallet. While the symbol is of our southern ancestry and heritage, The Son's of Confederate Veterans, the Knytes-of-Anarchy, are coast to coast with camps and charters from coast to coast. If this was a say native American, who had done this or this had been done to a Native American, would this nation be so ambitious to rid this nation of their heritage and symbols? The answer is NO. Yet the same thing that occured to our southern states , happened to the Native American's. A US, President the same one by the way, Abe Lincoln, oppressed and by force took the Native American's off their lands, raped their wives and daughters, and we are supposed to be okay with that? Really. Beth Ann says its time to bring America home. This ain't no way to do it. It's time for healing, not starting up a fight, but if it comes to it, we as a part of and with southern ancestors are here ready for that fight. Guns are loaded, airwaves ready. Sorry for not airing a show overnight, had a mess to clean up on US-89 down in Utah, with our Utah unit, and I'm pooped. Oh and to the idiot, that thought it was cool, to poke a hole in the front tire of my small truck Your ass is mine, that cost me a service call.