Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Godzilla is being created under many noses even Pandora and Iheart.

Many that have not been in the know around us, have purtty much ignored the roaring of a phenom being created right here in Wyoming. To many HazzardAyre Radio was at best a itch under many broadcasters skin, one they did not know how or where to scratch, while others were just plain scared to scratch. The main break came in late 2013 when after many attempts something great and miraculous happened. A riding friend from another MC who worked as a contract TV engineer, saw an ad we had on CraigsList for a engineer. He introduced us to a streaming service called Livestream and we have been there ever since. 
Last October , there was noise I got in Utah about old KEVA up here in Evanston going pretty much dark. So some scambling and investigating found the license for old KEVA, was in a holding pattern. The FCC does not allow for license holding patterns. So some howling on our part , not only is KEVA's old certificate of occupancy ours, but a jump in output juice, of 50kw . Meaning AM 1240 is coming back with a vengence, but not as KEVA, KNAK will occupy the slot as our call sign, rejuvinating an old set of call letters from Utah. And the only challenge to the mighty KCPX. As such HazzardAyre, RodeWolfFM, AyreWolfFM, Highway Hooker Radio and all the channels we run on Livestream will now be belching out of the tailpipe of KNAK, as well as our FM licensed to another community less than 15 miles away, which will smoke all neighboring FM's at 250K. Which means the giant has awakened. From the Oregon/Idaho Border, to western Nebraska, From Wisdom Montana, to Saint George Utah and from eastern California to Sturgis, HazzardAyre will be heard, online, over the air, and from the sky. Yes talks are on for XM Satellite for at least two of our more popular channels. Had a seatcover from Texas sniffing around the Wolf's Den, she sounds good from what a short aircheck she sent. Thing is, even though she rides, does she have of the stuff for our outlaw, fight the system, high octane southern fried radio? We see if she even shows up. BTW I'll be really convinced when I go to the mailbox, and find some smelly nylons in a envelope, from this seatcover from Texas. Ya'll know why, and you know the thing of two words toe and tow. If a gal is rebel enough to send us her stockings, still soiled, she's the kind we know that can get you to boil, out there on the big road. Unlike Pandora, and IHeart, HazzardAyre aims to be a one of, old skool LIVE 24/7/365 online, ota radio station, and now that we'll be able to go ota(Over The Air) It truly will be the miracle. Just we now need to find the honeys to be on air. 
More lightning came so were not able to stream overnight, but we'll be back in your ears online on www.livestream.com/hazzardayre Tuesday afternoon starting at 15:00 Mountain Standard Time.
Until then know the radio for those that Toew and haul is becoming the Godzilla of online radio.