Saturday, June 13, 2015

Every time I eat I gotta go poop

Seems as though, every time I eat I gotta go poop. Must be my insides are colliding with some sugar octane issues. Which after the day I had on Friday, would be an understatement. First on my way to the shop, ran out of gas. Not close to a go fluid outlet, had to push the Witchy Woman to the shop. Exchanged the Witchy Woman for General Deere, and headed to the Uinta View Ward to clean the building which after sweating like a race horse, got dehydrated and anyone that knows that when your sugar octane, with type 2 diabetes, is a pattern for serious wrung out feelings. But I did my job. Seems as though a congregation that prides itself to be clean, sure leaves a mess. Guess some didn't have that much bonding in doing home chores when younger , like myself. So after that scooted over to Wal-Mart, got some groceries, came home and chowed down. Which sent me to the inside latrine . 
Which is why I was not on air overnight. Body said no , even though mind said git-r-done.  Overnight runs here are getting somewhat problematic, however not impossible. It's nice to have a Wal-Mart that stays open 24/7. As if you need a wire connection for a quick repair it's there. Granted formal repairs are needed but this all started Wednesday night. The lightning storm we experienced here, sent the system nuts. Yes it pooped and pooped really bad. So in serious need, braved the storm, and went to Wal-Mart got what I needed noticing that my temp gauge on Witchy Woman was climbing, but not bad. But climbed it did. So its been seesaw between equipment repair, station equipment repair, and getting stuff on air through partly automated means , since we can't seem to get another person, here doing the gig, has to be done that way. Add to that managing 7 channels on Livestream, is a tough gig. 
Any mile, gotta go again, see ya'll on HazzardAyre Radio, starting at 23:00 Saturday night, and on Highway Hooker Radio, the only show on radio for us who tow. TTYLY