Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Because they do it in California don't mean they do that in Wyoming

Just because they do some things in California does not mean they or its done in Wyoming, even Idaho and Utah have their limits. Its not just because of the religious conitations its that these people believe in doing beauty at the limits of  county fair royalty contests, Miss such-n-such town pageants, and if your really lucky, Miss Wyoming.
However past that, things like having walk on's, stand in's, extras in a made here film, or something. Forget anything that might partly show a belly button, or things like a Betty Grable flapper skirt (roaring 20's) as in a pinup or poster girl, and short of being tarred and feathered, your not going to get anywhere, even if you do dredge up some town hussey. Nope don't try that here. Don't do things like trying to get hot babes on the radio or TV, nope none of that. As long as these gals here are going home with their Gorilla sized hubbies, feeding him, massaging that tree sized stick, and interbreeding, all is right with the world. Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and some places Idaho(Except for Hazzard) are the same way. Remember fellow cyber tourists, this is not Hollywood, Atlanta, Nashville or Miami. What can be done there is done there, elsewhere its too damn tabooo to do. So rather than being seen as different, they don't want to be ostrasized so guess what?They don't do it. Let's face it, nobody in the Knytes would ever think of the idea of the club hiring someone from the GAY community, but we did for both a PA and on air. The gal I thought was a shoe in never showed, and as usual ignoring phone calls. But if that's the way some want to be, fine. Let em sweat their rumpus's out in the hot sun with a shovel. I'm not going to beg, my time here is finite. In words of the Las Vegas community, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Here what can be done elsewhere best stay elsewhere.
Decided to take off tonight, see ya'll on the cyber radio at 06:00.