Thursday, June 4, 2015

Add Evanston Wyoming to the top of my list of the least best places to start a business

Add Evanston Wyoming to the top of the list of my fave places to grow or create a business. For no place can and most likely will kill any dream, you may have of carving out your own stone of life. Hey even employers had to start somewhere. From nobody being willing to risk a visit to the Wolf's Den to work the radio station, such as it is, to some asshole doing up a car show here, getting a bur under his ass, or his head up it, when the Knytes being willing to pass out flyers or doing an ad on our radio station that we offered free. So in the not so exact order, but on the list, it goes like this;
1: Evanston Wyoming
2: Pocatello Idaho
3: Rigby Idaho,
4: Glenn's Ferry Idaho
5: Ogden Utah
6: Bountiful Utah
Common denominator? Too much LDS, addicts.
No I didn't mis-spell I said too much LDS in these communities. Piss off the church don't do business tomarrow. If its not church supported or taboo to doctrine, guess what ? Repack the truck. 
I have a goal though. No not go back to Idaho. Just stay here long enough to get my rides in excellent road trip condition, and move my sorry ass to Georgia, Arkansas , or deep south. Nothing hold me here any more.
I've got a 5 year lease on the new shop, take half of that rebuild the rigs, and go where things southern are not so much of a strange idea, as they are there anyway.
Rolling out HCC in full throttle color just in time for Sturgis, add to that, looks like Evanston next year will be the home of DukesFest West.
Yep add Evanston to the top of the list as my worst place to grow a dream or business.
Too, the best place to suck out your air and cash.