Thursday, June 18, 2015

At best Hazzard County is a dream of heart

At least I alone and maybe I am alone in this, but I know what it means to not only live in , but live everyday as though I was in Hazzard County. Sadly there are too many and much of our nation that has no damn idea. The simplicty of living Hazzard County of the early years is gone. Sadly our United States is all but United, freedom and liberty , no matter how many elections , no matter how many high paying politicians we throw at it our nation is gone, or just about there. Sure there is Heavenly Father that I hope he will send his son to intervene soon, but our planet is killing itself. Which is why I withdraw into a sort of shell, every day and all night that takes me back to when I just flat floored a hot rod through Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho, outwitting most of the time the local law that was bound and determined to lock me or one of the Knytes up for high speed demonstrations. But I really remember the quiet times too. There is simply not the words to convey the unwinding feelings of sitting at Hazzard lake with a Russian Olive tree branch with a string and a diaper pin bent just right fishing for trout and that sometimes small mouth bass or catfish. I remember just watching the squirrels and rock chucks and other critters, some that became some what pets. They'd come to me for a treat and chatter away. Sitting on a tree log in the shade , just thinking of a mad world that then was at least for me at the time galaxies away. Our only contact with that mad world was Miss Tizzdale and the mail, and Mountain Bell the phone company. Past that unless we hot footed to Twin Falls, there was peace.
In Hazzard itself anything and everything was possible, and few dared say anything against the Knytes, more over nobody felt a need to. We did our thing, and as for things like getting a gal or two to co-host a radio show or be a pinup, was as easy as a CB call away, or if need be a notice at GearHeads Cafe. Past that it was big inch Mopar, Chevy, or Ford engines that filled our lives. 
Of course then there was the loyalty factor, which there was plenty of, yet today and believe me when I say Kim And Kent Lee are going to find out what it means to insult the Knytes, yes the bastards at Lee Family Broadcasting did it again. Told our potential new hire that we were full of it, and run. Thing is I can also remember the money of the Knytes building their cash stash as well. An old mentor of mine, by the name of Mike Parkhurst that created Overdrive Magazine said it best. Don't lie about me and I wont have to tell the truth about you. Hell I've known that little snot nosed fart knocker Kim and his idiotic nerdy brother Kent since we were dang near toddlers. I and I alone, helped initiate what became their Z103 when I took on an idea, album rock on KFMA 92.7 in Jerome Idaho, that his entire empire was built on. Maybe a few loyalty pills out to be taken inwerds. The real reason, that HazzardAyre Radio and all was created in the first place was simply that all too many LDS bound bigots, racists and carpetbaggers in local media in that are then said no to all things Hazzard County. So Hazzard County fired back and we won. 
Any mile the gal from Texas blew off the concept, and if I sound like I'm upset, maybe a bit, but not at her, but at a few of who I once called friend has became a enemy. And Knytes fix enemies. 
HazzardAyre returns at 23:00 Friday.