Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In The Beginning back in the day

Back in the day in the beginning, we never intended that HazzardAyre or its immediate cousin Southern Steele Radio was never meant to become what they became and are. The reason the entire radio station idea came about was few if anyone in mainstream radio wanted to publicize what was going on in our youth based 4-H trucker vocational club. The Movements of the TeenAge Truckers Association were as wyld as advertising the corner drug dealer, or that was what many in the business saw it as. Our organization was saying teens and tweens yes you too can drive 18 wheels. Yes there is life hauling freight and going toewing. So since nobody else did it, or would do it, I took a brief amount of knowledge, some of Dads dollars and did an experiment, could a truckers based radio gig done in the Mountain West, become as wyld and roudy as that on networks coming from Texas, Nashville etc. So in 1973 at the front of the Arab oil embargo and the restriction of the 55 or double nickle speed limit, from a purposely built part of where I resided along with mom & dad, KDSL or KAY-DIESEL at FM 89.1 went on the air. Along with our feature radio show, Long Haul Radio. By the late 1970's we were no longer teens and was wondering where to take things as an organization, when all things Hazzard County and the Dukes-of-Hazzard came into the picture. So a none official fan club of the Dukes and a rural gearheads club was formed. Still no radio people or TV stations wanted to touch us. So We said lets take what we did with Long Haul Radio, and KDSL and do it Hazzard style, total fight the system radio. So radio station KTOW , was launched. With the core of being the only radio for those who tow. Course few could not pronounce tow, as it is supposed to be, so we put a big Toe in the mix and TOEW came to light. KTOW ran until 2011 when we sold the call letters to a station in Colorado to fund a new creation. KTOW was and is still our baby , no matter who says otherwise. 
In 1997 we launched an episodic(Episode) program called Southern Steele to compete with then American Chopper. That was done so our shop that we thought should have been said was us to begin with. With Hazzard County Choppers, we said lets do both a TV show/ with a radio show called SouthernSteele and that got stolen by the Discovery channel. Not to be defeated, the minds of us southern kountry guys got together and launched HCC. By 2009 the Hazzard County Knytes had now became the Knytes-of-Anarchy by title and verse. Since the TV series came from our book we took liberties, not to be disputed. Over time SOA's people decided to partner rather than fight, so we were there. Mid 2009 the crew of both AyreWolfFM and Dixie-Diesel(HCC) radio were tired. But I wasn't. In the middle of the night I got a bolt from the sky of what to create. A meeting the next day came the idea, munch HCC together with AyreWolfFM and we got HazzardAyre. HazzardAyre has taken off like a Jack rabbit on steroids. We as a gearhead club never thought that what we were doing would hit, like it has. And continues to evolve. HazzardAyre is the champion, often criticized due to our flamboyant attitudes and antics, but we also know we have a greater power to serve our master Jesus Christ, since it was after all his bolt out of Heaven that gave me the idea. So in a dark motel room in 2012 HazzardAyre began broadcasting, over the air. In mid 2013 I was introduced to webcasting although I had played with it before through other venues I had never taken it seriously. Then there were people saying if we could only hear you back east, or down south etc. So a MC friend of mine in Lake Tahoe said sign up with this outfit called LiveStream. So I did, but then we didn't have the bandwidth to do that justice. By early 2014 HazzardAyre on www.livestream.com/hazzardayre took off like the gun shot of superman. All of a sudden the supporters of our old syndication station airings and all said, lets get behind you. So we re-launched in Ogden Utah in June 2014. Just over a year ago, we moved into a office space that we turned into a studio. We thought we had a hog by the butt there in Woods Cross Utah, when two idiotic roommates never paid the bill of co-rent to me. and the club was dissappointed that we couldn't get sweet female bodies even in an office to do shows. So I killed my apartment in Ogden and tried to habitate in the studio office. This lasted until the last part of November. When I was even then looking for a domicile, a message from a MC member here in Evanston said, you do know KEVA went tits up don't you? No I didn't so I made the trek to Evanston, got caught up in a snow storm, no internet, no phone, couldn't contact the people that rented us the office space there in Woods Cross Utah, they were about to throw out the gear, so with the help of the Church (thank God) HazzardAyre was rescued. App was made on the old license here. But here now we are looking at just using the Evanston location as a sub station, and putting the new flagship station right where HazzardAyre started. Where there are albeit limited but at least the human resources we need as well as the telecom backbone that HazzardAyre Radio and soon HazzardAyre TV Network can live. The history though and finalizing here, HazzardAyre has become nearly an entity of its own. We never thought that just a near pirate station to get the word out of the clubs activities and events would have become and is what it is now. All I can say is Stay Tuned the giant is about to get bigger .