Monday, February 22, 2016

Some run from the light, I charge right to it, basking in its rays

Some run from the light, as for me I run , no, I charge right into it. Being on stage, acting, playing music or for that matter TV and especially radio, has always been a passion. Even as far back as age 6 when our air club that was supported in part by Cub Scout pack 303 of Layton Utah, we had this thing we did at Admiral Bernie's show on KSL 5, (many can't remember theat even Lori Prichard) but Bernie saw what I had and told my parents not to discourage my talent. Or at least encourage me getting into the business. By 6th grade I was already playing drums in a garage band, and doing bit commercials. At age 7, went to the Fireman Frank show at KCPX-4(now KTVX) met with the staff of then hit pop rock station KCPX's program director Wooly Waldron, and began in broadcasting. So there I was , doing radio weekends, playing music, and of course going through flight training. That was my chosen careers. The tow truck, and all that came way later. 
There was this play that Miss Egbert at then Central Davis Junior High in Layton Utah, I had to wear a dress and put on make up, especially lipstick, stockings and heels. Hey the lipstick tasted like I just ate a Crayon, the stockings kept slipping down and the heels made me feel like I was walking downhill all of the time, but I was on stage, in front of an audience and was loving the heck out of it. As a child I was a bit too shy, I'd hide from those that I didn't know, plus it'd me that had to warm up to other people, not the other way around like it is now. Back then, if strange people came to the house, I'd find the biggest chair or hiding place and there I'd remain until the stranger left. But when our air club the initial formation of the AyreWolvez long before the TV show Airwolf, but the wolf pack needed me, and I stepped up, and havent looked back. I love public speaking, public performing, I thirst after it, the more publicity the better. Not all are like that, but nothing cures fear like facing that what you fear head on. I have a friend who is of the same LDS Ward of mine, his name is Dave. A few weeks ago now, he came to me, asking could I help him in his Disc Jockey aspirations for a contest being put up , by Wal-Mart. I said sure. Then last week or so he wanted to dive into HazzardAyre Radio and what we are continually building, after all as its been said, he who does not grow dies. Haven't heard from Dave, nor Vern since. One on air, the other engineering. There is this fever growing here in the west, the old conservative attitudes and being stuck up as far as TV and radio, is eroding. What is taking place is the rising of what was once taboo, into more of a popular view. To give you an example, once Bozo the Clown and the Howdy Duddie Show was seen as too extreme. What is now HazzardAyre, broke those molds. The first in the region to openly air Dr. Ruth's Sexually Speaking, the first to air Dr. Demento, the first to be that not always LDS approved radio. Not always nasty, but pushing against and bursting through the envelope. Just like I did in the air I now do on the air. But I'm getting off topic. I love that spotlight, I thirst for it, and I take the chance to be in front of the camera and behind the mic as much as I can. 
For those looking for that spotlight, we have open doors and welcome chairs, but you have to want it, you have to hunger for it, not just the cash stash, but the art of the craft. 
L8R Aviators