Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Have you ever noticed that you see things different when your involved with someone? Than when your not?

Simple things that once you just had to view, that now that your all but hooked up, you no longer look at or care about. case for instance, down here in Evanston, at Jodies Diner, one that works in the mornings, that usually has my complete attention, yet here lately since I became involved with SheWolf, I really don't care. The word though does get around, that now that many can't rub their butts in my face to get me to catch a wiff of their jiff to convince to buy something or such, they're damn right onery. The big question within the elite of our town is, just who was it that was able to capture the hearl and mind of ye ole AyreWolf here? After all, i had been one that of the kind that I had nearly become a committed lone wolf. Yet, here she came, and she will soon wear my last name. Once your testesterone level is directed elsewhere, and constantly drained from the main vein, you now can focus on doing business. You no longer walk into an office, or place, and every female in the place thinking your on the make. It's now, get me what the fuck I need, let me pay for it so I can get back to work. Really the only bad thing here if it is in fact bad, is I had to reach out of the region, to our beloved land of Dixie, to Florida, to bird dog, my mate, and pay $300.00 to import her , here to Evanston. which is an insult considering there were a few hundred here that could have linked up with the old Wolf here, plus there are at least a few hundred in Metro Utah, that could have pulled out their stuck up little heads out of their butts, but nope. Oh well , just like I figured, it took a SouthernBelle, to capture ye ole Wolf here. 
More after lunch on the show.