Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Did you just get ditched by Facebook, did you just get redirected by Blogger?

Have you just get ditched by Facebook? How about rerouted or not fully published by Blogger , by Google if so your not alone. Here's my dilemma, used to be, I'd carve out these by hourly blog posts to share with the members of our clubs or to garner support from our sponsors and financial supporters. When I'd hit the button to publish, the thing would go to my gmail, my phone, and a few other email accounts of club sponsors and supporters. Plus I could post on FB and Twitter. It was automatic. But now those features are no longer able. No matter how many times I refresh my browser or rest who I am supposed to email to in my blogs, Blogger settings. To a certain extent, I have a feeling that it has to be that its a free service that is not making ANYBODY any money, including both FB and Google, so they flat don't care much. Would it be better if it were a paid service? Perhaps and you might get more response if it were from Googles support teams, of course them seeing your content on your computer if they do a screen view, is risky, as well as understanding Indian (and I'm talking Bangladesh not native American) English, but it goes to the old thing and that is , its not YOUR website, nor YOUR WEBPAGE, nope your asking to have Google or Facebook, post your content on their sites for others to read free of charge. Is there an alternative? Yes, buy, build and initiate your own website. Easier said than done, especially if your not a computer geek techy. Even if you aren't that means having a Computer geek build the site, the ability by most site builders is not of the grade to embed such things as a online streaming program such as Livestream, into YOUR website. If you do find someone with those skills, expect to dig deep in your wallet, at minimum of $3,000.00 and it goes up from there. 
Next entry, on the online radio.