Saturday, March 5, 2016

New day dawning and I'm still yawning

I tried to snooze last night but just couldn't get into a proper mindset so been awake most of the night. Had a nice chat with my lady online, but she was loosing touch with mother earth, so she went to dreamland and I'm about to. So went to get some donuts, and some comfort food, in route stopped by the shop. The same stuff on back of LiL Wolf had not been unloaded, so I got out, took maybe 15 minutes and now Monday I can drive LiL Wolf over to Chad's to get what should have been done at our shop, yet all the time Rick and his disfunctional crew could not or did not want to do, nor have any inclination to do. Then Rick wondered why I'm a bit stingy on the money side. Its kinda hard to get ambitious about sacrificing my creature comforts and all when your side is kicked to the curb, and pretty much ran over by the proverbial bus. The basic foundation of it all was he did the wrenching, I did the towing, but I went over my books, and while Rick has paid just about everything since he moved in, we rather I have lost just under $10,000.00 in towing revenue. No effort was made towards LexiBelle, and while the argument was that I could have done the work, in reality there was no room in the shop for me to work. So why pay for something I can't use? Then his Father in Law Roger, wants me to give up my Subaru, for or exchange for work to be done cosmeticly on LexiBelle, yet not one hand was raised on that, same goes for the work that now I have to pay someone else to do on LiL Wolf. Bottom line I'm keeping the Subaru. Much of it now is a moot point now anyway, I say let Rick fuss with Mr. Voss. All I need to do now is move out some things from the office, and I'm out of there come Tuesday. I've had it.
Any mile I'm pooped so I'm headed to bed.