Friday, March 4, 2016

Limited vision cuts into a shallow wallet

Good morning, a great over the air experience was us here, but our Livestream connection kept recycling, so many of you tuned in online were not privy to the good vibrations here on the casual radio here. So I'm once again in the mode of thought, maybe its time to look at a paid streaming service. But I'm not completely convinced that its all together Livestream, the origination point and AllWest might be the problem as well. It's a shame that the product heads in companies can't look beyond metro areas. Like CenturyLink. It wouldn't take that much of an investment to roll out some fiber optic to the outback areas of Evanston Wyoming, as well as Randolph Utah. Granted there's not a huge population, but if you build it they will come. Evanston is expanding, sure its slow but its expanding none the less. If the Knytes thought that way, first I wouldn't be here and two, the purchase of the only city FCC license for a over the air radio station, would never have been made. Evanston is slow on economic expansion, but dig this; there's three new business' opening here, two new cafe's two bars, both will be looking to have wifi for their customers, that will need a bigger trunk than whats here now. Then a new RC/Hobby shop is about to find feet here in Evanston, plus two retail clothiers, and finally a music video store, that will also sell musical instraments like drums guitars and sound systems as well as sheet music. People tire of the violence in Metro Utah with Police shooting everyone, and everyone shooting each other, are moving to Evanston and Randolph , looking for a more rural lifestyle, yet will demand the toys and connectivity of Metro Utah. If CenturyLink and AllWest just sits on their butts and don't jump in, somebody else will . Even Google is looking at Evanston to offer 1gig internet. Like Boss Hogg once said, if a business or company doesn't grow it dies.