Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Honestly honey I just read this for the articles

How many times have you said that? , "honey I really only read the articles" To which your lady of desire and loyalty says, something along the lines of and assumes YOU to be visually if not telepathicly cheating says, you just love those women with those perfect bodies. Oh you just love comparing them to me or some other none intelligent back talk. But you were just reading the articles. It's not just that, I remember back about 10 years ago, this one gal, that I will give the screen name : Wingsofadove after months of online chatting when that was a social things, somehow showed up at my door one night, and sweet talked her way in the door. Once we made whoopie for the 12th time, we went off to Hooters. Now I had discovered that aside from the fat ass'd women who work at Hooters much of which is constrained inside of some serious support control nylons , that Hooters makes a damn good grilled ham and cheese sandwhich. With the beer batter curly fries in cheese, and a few brews is a great meal. However no amount of convincing as to the fact I went there for the food would do, her thought was he loves the women. Even those women smell foul in the morning. They too fart, and as much as I seriously hunger for the musky aroma of women's small feet in nylons, those working women at Hooters after 12 hours in sneakers oh they smell rotten. I also think that those guys at TV networks want to start fights in the home. Example, the other night, last night, as I watched the Flash , and Thor and that series about OJ Simpson on FX, that about every other ad break had an ad for Victoria's Secret on there. Of course I howled, Victoria's models are great visual stimulants, but then the comparrison thing enters in. Oh you think she's prettier than me" thing comes in, even if you think or say to your lady your thinking of buying that for your lady, She knows (and so do you) that your 2 kid wife can't ever fit in such a thing, even if she did, she'd look like a muffin. Then after several hours of fighting and nearly throwing her out or sending her back to Florida, you get to talking into the wee hours of the morning, with her admitting , "I can't cook" , my mental response is, " Hey if you can't cook, can you at least clean up the house?" Then came the big thing of, " I just can't stand a man that really sweats" Excuse me? I remember and I truly believe this, there was the scene on the movie called Bruce Almighty, where God was mopping a floor, The response was, There's many a person that is satisfied in life that goes home smelling like a stock yard. I truly believe, that physical labor, where a few patches of skin, and smelling like a 5k run is good for you. Breaking off of a damn keyboard, getting away for even a few hours from Facebook, and all the made up junk, from thereof including the backbiting and fighting, and marveling at God's creations, smelling clean air and just letting your mind unwind, is better than any chemical dependent cure. Be that as it may, one of my Mom's greatest gifts to me, was teaching me to read at a very early age. I remember this mini porta potty we had. Although doing your duty in the living room in front of the TV might not be best practices, still Mom bought me a subscription to an ancient magazine called Humpty Dumpty magazine. I'd sit , shit and read. Ever since then I read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I especially like some of these women's magazines. At first I started reading many of them, to gain some sort of insight into just how women think. But over time I have learned , many of those writing those articles , have no idea of just how us male corpuscles think. So I saw in this months edition of Women's Health magazine an article on student debt, and that women still today think, that they do not make the same pay level as a man. The fact is many women don't do the amount of work, in either a physical or mental brainiac level of work that men do. Sorry but its the truth. How many times have you heard the noise from a woman, " Sorry, but I need to ask my husband if he thinks that's too much to pay for that auto repair?" In reality, all too many men who say they wear the pants in their homes are lieing coon dogs. Most financial expenses are dictated by the woman. Which is why many men find and build our Man caves. So we can just be ourselves. Eat our cheese burgers, belch , fart, drink our Coors or Budweiser's , watch the race or the game, and unbuckle our pants and feel at peace. I have the next response to the next udderence, " Hey honey , you take out the trash this time, maybe getting out of the house, might make you not so damn bitchy." In reality, Honestly, Honey I was just reading the articles.