Friday, March 4, 2016

You can spot a phony and a fronter everytime

Good morning ya'll, just had a great breakfast, I made my usual Hazzard County Oats, which is Oreo cookies crumpled up into a bowl of instant oatmeal. Some brown sugar and some fresh pineapple and you have breakfast that's good even in the Duke house. As I ate I watched the morning news, from FoX 13 here. Which I'd rather watch local WYOMING news, but dig this they had this weather guy, part time reporter, go out to the AutoRama. As they closed one segment they were comparing a piss yellow 35 Chevy coupe with ZZ-Tops, 34 Ford 3 window Duce . Really? The two cars are not even close in year, model, color none of it. I just had to laugh. These mainstream people don't even have the slightest idea of hot rods, customs and klassic rides, rods, trucks. Nope they just don't make the mental let alone the emotional connection to these cars and rides, like true gearheads do. But this is not the only time I have ran into this, and why hiring model talent is so tuff for us as a club, let alone me. One year not too long ago, there was the Boise Grand Prix, that had a booth at that years Boise Roadster Show. Now I wasn't trying to be a smart ass, or anything, I was really trying to learn what was under the hood, so I asked one of the cocktail waitress' hired to be eye candy for the booth, what was under the hood? Her answer? " I have no idea, I was just hired to hand out these pamphlets." Some warm up, pre education of their booth hostess's would have been nice. But that was not the only one, few years after at a event for gear heads, in Utah, GM was there, introducing the 502 Big Block Chevy engine as well as its bigger brother. Both the booth hostess as well as the shirt and tie sales guy there, had no idea when I asked, does the new engine have the same bolt pattern that the 454 Big Block has and would it bolt up to an older engine. A little better answer, of, " I don't know, but I can look it up for you" Thing is these people have no idea what makes up rods and customs. They are not auto or truck service tech people or even a hobbiest.  One of the things that we pretty much are adamant about in the Knytes, is that the people hosting a booth at the Hazzard Nationals(aka-Dukes Fest West) is that they know their product and have something intelligent to answer questions, not phonies. Which goes to the old saying of , " if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch." 
FoX 13 needs a more mature bunch of reporters. But I see where the Diva wars has become tamer. KSL hired a hottie, so 13 did the same. Now Channel 4 and 2 have some of the same old stale and not to eye friendly newscasters. Granted in news, it shouldn't matter, Walter Cronkite wasn't a hunk either, but he delivered serious news, not the tabloid junk you watch now days. It's just getting to be a serious matter and Utah's stations are hunting for on air talent as well as those behind the scenes, as FoX and the Utah Broadcasters Association, are hosting a media job fair. I'd like to be there not as a attendee but as a hiring network, but then who of Utah's domestic stations can offer to potential new hires, what HazzardAyre does? 
Mama SheWolf will be home this evening so I'm headed to the bunk house.