Monday, March 14, 2016

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there ought to be a marriage or relationship manual cuzz women are squirrly

I've said it before and I'll say it again, women are squirrly and there needs to be a instruction manual. Especially when their hormones are all over the place. There's a big gap between looking over talent resumes for a production and oogling over a potential get together. In all my years working on films, TV series's and all I have had only two that understood that. The finest I ever had was Janice. Not only would she help me select talent candidates, she'd help dress them and do all the follow up work, too bad that went into the toilet when it did. Plus the way it did. Then of course there was Erin, too bad I never connected the dots there until it was too late. Who else would have gave out of her own bank account $700.00 to bail out LexiBelle? She was married at the time, even her husband liked me, so did her kids. Of course the path to the gig, wasn't so easy with Janice, since Robin, Miss Dixie Diesel 1993 was in the picture, and while there was friction there, in time she understood why I did what I did, and that was how we made a living, put bread on the table and the service to the club that is always number one in priorities. 
This new one however is off center to the point, that I'm about to pull the plug. I'm giving it time, but the bitchy , cranky, all over the place moods, comparing me to her xom (Ex Old Man) I mean come on? Shute I'm NOT HIM. I tried to tell her that for this to work, several things needs to take place. She needs to read the Book of Mormon, Get baptised into the church so we can be married and sealed to each other for eternity. She does not yet grasp the idea that there is but one person on earth that truly loves her and wants to be with her, yet if she keeps throwing these anger fits, she's going to be gone, as my nerves can't handle it much. Although I can say this, if there's going to be a break up, over petty things and she's not willing to be understanding with me and what I do when I'm not flying or towing, then it'll be less hurt now than dragging it out, only this time, I ain't paying for another bus ticket. I'm already up to my ass in bills, keeping the radio station operational, paying shop bills as well as back rent to Mr. Voss, and all. Oh and yes thanks to Dave, for the help on the cable/internet bill, but there is trouble ahead. 
The morning I used money to buy that bus ticket, I was a bit gun shy, and wanted to stay in bed, and sleep. But I keep my word and bought the ticket. She came out alright, and its been argument after argument, since. This is not a way to set up and keep a relationship for marriage. If anything she's destroying it. Then we were talking on some of the things I like on a woman and what I like them to wear. Of course you all know my passion for nylon hose. Instantly she said , she wasn't going to wear them. Of course I can make an adjustment, but dang it, could this be the kind of thing that drove her xom to other women? I suggested counseling , she wouldn't hear about that, but I think she should go, get some meds to help balance her out, or at least talk to our Bishop. Nope was the word. So I reset the marriage date to late July, as if things don't work better before then, then there wont be a wedding. 
Some wolves are meant to prowl alone. Maybe I'm just one of them. 
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