Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just cuzz she has breasts and a vagina don't mean you can't just be pals

Why is it that in today's open minded society, that if a guy hangs around a gal, that "They must be sleeping together" Or that there is intent on one side of another. Can't a guy and gal just hang together cause they have a common interest? Or work together? Shhessh. 
Erin and I didn't have that idea, in fact for me to even remotely think that of any gal would be stupid, first it'd be over in less than a second due to not having any for nearly 5 years, two because I really don't want that mor any kind of ball and chain on my ankles,. Bullsbreath. Yet I caught this thing from Facebook that said I was some kind of evil shit, looking for a private party. Again bullsbreath. I guess only Erin , Emme, and Robin had the conoles to hang in there to build something and not be thinking just of a pay check, nor below the belt and under her underwear. Through Erin, I got this 
 that gave me this:
 that gave me this
 so that stupid people could discern between the word toe
and tow

 Nope we gotta be kinky. Bullstuff. Of course there is this one here in Evansgone that is singing like a magpie that we never paid her, hey, Brittany, if you don't show up to pick up your paycheck it ain't like I'm going to track you down to give it to you, same goes for quite a few. Just because your not mature enough or have had something tragic happen in your life by some riff raff that you can't be around rebel gearheads/bikers/truckers, pilots. Don't blame us if you were too ignorant and arrogant to come to chow when the dinner bell rang.  It's like this cat who was one of my initial partners in the shop, he introduced me to this one gal who drove this mini Chevy car that was white. Now he was pissed when I paid her although not that much, but I paid her, why? Because without talking or anything, she went down to the dollar store after seeing the latrine here at the house, bought cleaning supplies and cleaned the latrine, toilet everything. In essence did something for me. She wanted a job and I'd hire her in a NYC second, if the situation came up again. Why not some of the rest at the shop and otherwise? Because nobody except my current partner, ever gave a damn about what I who is the lessor of the shop and senior partner asked someone to do for me. Not them, not having parties and so on, really working on my rides. If Rick and I are to have a crew, there at the shop, how about a few of that crew working on LexiBelle, LiL Wolf? It's always somebody elses shit in there and then some say, and wonder why I'm a bit shy when it comes to rent payments on the 1st of the month, hey treat me as an equal, I'll pay as an equal. That simple. But I'm getting off track a bit here. Thing is why is it that a guy or male corpuscle can't just have a lady friend, and that be it, she being just a good hang around pal, and just buds. Nope opinion says they're sleeping with each other. Like Charli over at Jody's, never in one millisecond have I thought of doing the wyld thing there and I mention it because the notion came up again today down there, Charli is just a bud, or pal, that serves me food and coffee. She's at least 20 or better years younger than me, she's hitched, and in our Southern minds a ring says don't go there. See there is a difference between being a southern rebel and a Yankee. 
This town wonders why it can't move forward, the reason? Its head is up its ass, can't keep its mouth shut, and can't go one day allowing their imagination run rampant. Just counting my days until I get to go home. To Idaho. I'm done here.