Monday, January 4, 2016

Reaper Crew Report Can you charge a new associate a training fee? and be legal?

Of course it's not uncommon and practiced heavy in the club, to have new prospect members pay a weekly or monthly dues to demonstrate loyalty, as well as dedication to the club. However in the realm of business, can a business charge a new employee, or associate a training, probation fee? More over is it legal? We all know that employment services , like SOS , and others makes their new recruits pay a fee for them finding someone a job, usually 10% of what ever they make, each pay period. But can a independent business charge a fee for having to put up with the bullstuff of training and all that? I'd like to know. This month I'll be away from the keyboard and internet, as well as be off air on the radio, as budget just does not cover paying shop rent, apartment rent and still get internet and cable TV, and since the main focus for a few months has to be the shop, and going towing, the fancy crap of Internet/Cable TV had to go. So That's how that goes.