Thursday, January 7, 2016

An effort in futility

So got home out of the edge of wetness, and see on my inbox a notice from Yelp. From My Company Funding, saying I never filed an application, considering I only got it on Monday and figuring out I have only a shot in the dark with my below 580 fico credit score of qualifying, I put the app in file 13. But I did file notice with the Federal Trade Commission and wrote a rather hard review of My Company . However the firm, said why not refile? Okay so after filling out the required application, and jumping through hell to figure out how to write on a PDF, I found no send my link at the bottom of the app. So I sent it in three attachments. Here's the main thing and again it boils down to my view of my own stupidity of ever moving from Idaho to Utah and then from Utah to this frozen tundra called Evanston Wyoming. This past year has been a nightmare to say the least. Sure and I'm all so grateful to the Uinta View Ward for their enumerous aid to keep a roof over my head and all, yet its not making me any money. Even when the offer by my partner suggested going to bring LexiBelle, my sweet tow truck here, after the embezzlement by two prior partners, and all, I said lets get more on solid footing before we go fetch LexiBelle. Even then I had all intentions of just bagging this place and getting me and the Wolf-Pack, outta here. In normality most winters before I up rooted from southwestern Idaho, I could generate $5,000.00 easy and if I really worked it more during the winter. Over two and a half years going in a different direction between flying doing air application of farm chemicals aka crop dusting and being on the radio , LexiBelle needed and still needs some serious upgrading and cosmetic makeover work to put me even in the running of going towing. Which is why I went the route of getting a loan from somewhere other than my bank. Which brings me to the question , why does this sub market company think they can finance me and the company when my local bank wont, even though my local bank, sees me every month depositing and doing bank transactions and knows me well? After all even with everything that has happened I'm having trouble getting money of $300.00 to just keep my internet ability operational, and cable TV, on. Let alone getting $10k to fund my company for a year to crawl out of this mess. With my finances pegged to the point of squeezing Abe Lincolns ears so tight they bleed, I am still running. However even though my side of the shop rent is $450.00 and my apartment rent at $200.00 I can usually pay most if not all of my bills. But I refiled for the operational loan from My Company Funding, but since we don't and wont do credit cards, and the only thing similar is my debit card, how does this company think they can fund me, considering right now I'm $100.00 overdrawn. We will see what happens, but if I hold my breath here on this outfit, I'll turn blue. If I do get it from some miracle , I'll retract what I said on my radio show heard by 28, million each early morning, and will advertise My Company Funding free for a lifetime, that goes for any other company that will loan me $10,000.00. okay?
Now on another subject and its one of those things that the Knytes's Honor Guard is sooner than later going to get involved in and some blood will get spilled. But I heard from two people today of something that was reported to one of them regarding some screw ball, thing involving me and narcotics. In all my living years I have never and will never use any kind of recreational narcotics. Oh sure I have my SKOAL, and my coffee, and the few prescribed meds for my PTSD, and diabetes, but never any kind of illicit narcotics. From the time I put on a badge, to the point I started running a tow truck to now using drugs has never been in my life. The jackass that said otherwise, even thinking that I once lived at some place here named Red Mountain, where ever that is, is pure bullstuff, and a lieing mouth that says I did, will become a dead person if they don't shut up. I'm not going to put up with that kind of bullstuff. I had to muddle through rumors of me being such a bad ass in Mountain Home Idaho once, but that was a turf war, nothing more. I never had this kind of shit, all the time I lived in Utah, or eastern Idaho. Nor in Twin Falls, or even Hazzard, aka Hagerman Idaho. I don't lie, I don't steal, and I damn well don't use or mess with narcotics. My only only vice other than SKOAL and coffee , is speed via a Chevy or Mopar V8, and the lusting after hot honey's. But never drugs. Then my partner wonders why I hate so bad Evanston, and wanted to just stay in Twin Falls when we went to fetch LexiBelle. 
So we see what happens with the loan, and my internet. If I'm on here Friday night you'll know I was able to muddle through until Monday. If not see ya'll in April after I dig myself out of this mess.
Pocatello is looking really good at this point.