Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This is when you find out who your REAL friends are and ones who are just on FB

These I think will be one of the last blog entries I'll make until mid April. I have been busting my hump, trying to get a few of the Toew Bro's Club members and the Knytes to pony up a small loan so I can remain online. Their opinion of western Wyoming is, hey partner you got into that mess figure a way out yourself. I have plead with Shawn, and a few others, yet finding a deaf ear and blind eyes. I started looking and am still very much looking at going back into Idaho. While Twin Falls and surrounding area is too expensive, at least right now , the Pocatello area is reasonable. Not cheap, but reasonable and the playing field is exactly the way for the most part what it was when I left in 2008. For me without Internet and Cable TV or at least Over The Air TV, I'm lost. That small item is what keeps me somewhat sane or keeps me from going insane, likewise without that and the few toew calls I'm getting versus the expense of operation here, there's not much left to keep me here. So I think too its these times that you realize who your real and I mean REAL friends are and just the few that appear to be your friends and all online and on social media, like Facebook. I know Shawn is trying to help but the scavengers and buzzards in Rock Springs circling over him and his Dad make a small loan to me a bit out there. But he's bounded up, and like I said the few club members around this area as well as in Idaho feel, hey you were so damn bright to move up there, you got into that mess, figure out how to get out of it. 
Now I realize that this time of the year is tough for most people, getting out of Christmas debt and all, but I also know some facts. If someone has money for smokes, gas, and extra expenses, they most likely have at least a few bucks they could extend to a friend that's busting their butt to help them. 
Now then ; Went to the City Council meeting in Evanston here. The guy on P&Z that the city fired, and all that I don't know much about. What I do know is this, what response I have got, was more people commenting on the Dixie flag on my background on my pic online not the issue at hand. One even said something about the war between the states being of racism, and slavery. See that's the trouble with northerners they just don't understand the cause of that conflict, nor do they want to take blame. It's the same thing if you were to be a Native American, (Indian) White mostly northerners wont take the blame or admit to the disaster they did to the Native Americans, kicking people off their land, raping children, and killing for no good reason, stealing food by killing off buffalo and game. Same thing the people are doing to that rancher in Oregon. The feds come in kick someone off their land, take away their way to earn a living and think its okay. Then badger someone because they are not PC, and have a Dixie flag in their home, or in their online pic. My view there? If your picking on me just for that, the question I have for you, is, now who is being racist? If people trash talk, burn and all people who believe in that flag of Dixie and its history, and what it stands for, its OUR heritage, our ancestors, if your hurting us, who then is truly guilty of hate crimes? 
Any mile headed to the shower then back to the shop. But there are those that say they are your friends and the ones who just say they are online and on Facebook. Question is are they really?