Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm here to testify God does do miracles even today

I want to tell you something this evening that I have been having trouble in my mind for a few days to relate to ya'll.
First a tiny bit of background, over the month of January and all money has been a trickle compared to the gusher it should have been for a tow service this time of year and why as soon as I'm able moving back to Idaho is high on my priorities list. But thing is to further the cause of the radio station and all, the reason God I'm sure and all moved me from Woods Cross Utah to Wyoming to do, that being this online radio gig. See I just didn't have the $800.00 to completely pay off the AllWest bill. So I made arrangements with a sweet lady named Mindy at AllWest. But every time I thought I had the money something would happen that prevented me from paying it. So last Wednesday, I went in to see my Bishop. Thinking although not normal protocol, I could get the church to help with at least $200.00 of what I needed. Answer was a no but heck no. Feeling dejected and all I came home and prayed. I needed a real miracle, so what happens Thursday evening I get this message on my Facebook, that says I'm Tiffany your second cousin , telling me there was a bit of money due me from some of the remains of the Montgomery Foundation. So after two days and a call yesterday to Rick, from my cousin Shari, its a fact that in fact that there's a grand or two coming to me. Not a windfall or anything, but at least enough to set things right with AllWest and have maybe enough to finish or at least bringing my equipment at the shop, mainly LexiBelle and LiL Wolf into shape for the move come August from Evanston to western Idaho. But it's not the amount. I found that when your butt is so against the wall, that you can feel the rocks of the concrete rubbing against your skin, that Heavenly Father will move forces to help you or in this case me. The Bishop said no, which made me a bit upset, guess he does not and some Stake Presidency leaders don't understand that the benefit money the church takes in is to help you in your vocation so you can keep earning on your own, its not just about charity food boxes. It's about helping you buy the plow so you can plant a crop so you can feed you and your family on your own. In my case keep on the air helping Veterans and the southern movement, but here I was, ready to throw it up, fix the trucks and just leave, and through prayer I have my problem fixed. 
Now I haven't spoken or text chatted with my kin folk for at least 4 years. Since Bud died, the Trustee of the Montgomery Foundation, his family and all haven't spoke to me at least that long, the thought that if I were to die there is only two maybe three people, in and out of the Knytes that knows who to get in touch with. Yet my butt was burning against the burning wall, and I felt heat, yet Heavenly Father through mine, and I'm sure my Bishop, Vern, and Dave' prayers I got relief. In closing God does hear, God does answer prayer. 
While I should have went to Church today,. I just overslept. But I have been studying scripture and praying all day, in both thanks and all for this. Now if God will just increase the Bandwidth I get from AllWest, here to the Wyoming HQ of HazzardAyre Radio.