Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Can you legally not hire millenials part 2

Good morning ya'll. I'm feeling a bit better than I did yesterday morning and most of the day Monday. Most if not all my financial resources were drained by mid day Monday, but at least most of the bills are now paid welcome to living in the Yankee union. Fair exchange for a return of fair product is one thing, feeling like your getting the shaft or that no one really gives a shit is another . Which is what I have howled from my Wolf's Lair for all summer. And now the condition of that situation is right here in my apartment of the Wentworth of Evanston Wyoming. See I barked all summer that the water heater in my apartment needed replaced. Apparently that bark was being ignored, along with a bathroom bathtub fixture that needs to be replaced and this list goes on. Did finally get my new dishwasher, but the real thing is the Water heater supplies both hot water for shower, and all that, but also for the heater. Most of the time I rely on a little space heater over my refridgerator to keep warm, but as Wyoming's winter creeps up on us its going to get colder. More need of heat. But hey viewers that's not all, management wants to raise rent rates. Yep, the mere 3% increase in SSI payments for SSI beneficiaries will amount to nothing since that's just about what the rent rates will go up here at the Wentworth, which is partly why I have been rather lax in recertification for living here as I really don't see me being here after February 2017. Things don't get fixed, prices go up, I ask myself over and over, Why am I here?
So I ask again the question I asked at the start of September, If you find that the maturity level of a new hire is not that of a slightly older person, no matter the Gender, can you legally say I'm not hiring you because your too young. While its a fact you under DOE regs say no, still even if they might have the right tech skills, they might not have the long toothed gray haired longevity attitude to be a team player with knowledge of subject matter needed to work for say a radio network that has its roots in deep of a TV show that was made years before they were born, or were not even aware of. 
Here's two examples; Tomi Lahren of BlazeTV. Great looks and an aggressive attitude, delivers content, and has a mind of her own, and deep down is greatful that Hilary Clinton will be President, since that assures her of a long career of digging up dirt on Hilary. However of all her attributes , Tomi does not have the interviewing skills, in fact few have the interviewing skills of Howard Stern, who was at one time the most despised radio personalities in America. 
I want to see, if she lasts that long, what kind of NEWS person Tomi is when she hits 50 or so when her behind gets bigger, her mousey voice gets deeper due to age, her blonde curls gets gray, then lets see Tomi.
Then of course there was our latest disaster new hire. Tinkerbelle had some good tech skills but not personality nor comedy skills that was more in line with the one of HazzardAyre Radio. She could fix a computer like nobody's business, yet as much as I tried could not meet the level of off the wall bits like the toew smooch, like Nurse GoodBody or Emme, Or Robin could. Neither of those could fix a computer , but could do a twosome in the studio. The reason TinkerBelle and others her age, can't do satisfactory level LIVE radio, is because they don't remember nor can absorb old fashioned LIVE radio. Old skool radio was comedy, introducing and coming out of music, relating political views, reading news copy, and so on. Today's radio people are to absorbed in pushing buttons and playing music with little of injecting themselves into the music mix, or pausing the music and just talking. Sure there is talk radio, and music radio. There's news radio, and like even automotive oriented firms, everything has went into specialization , but what about the wrench who can fix everything, the Doctor who can treat anything, and yes radio people that can do it all from one end to the other? The millenials can't do that, us older more aged can. So can you send someone down the road because they are not mature enough? 
Getting ready for Zeb at the Ranch and then I'll be in after noon today on HazzardAyre/IronKnyte Radio.