Friday, September 9, 2016

At least we are transparent and not afraid of fall out, we still deliver

So in an effort to snoop out how to get in touch with Tomi, from BlazeTV I found that there is a sneaky virus on there that makes sending a email or even making a phone call near impossible. Because of that for nearly 48 hours now been going through fits and virus scans on ye ole Betsy our trusty computer and I think we're flowing again. Thing is does Glen or his tech gurus even know there's a clog in the drain? The other question is why doesn't Tomi have her own radio show on Glen, Beck's network? Like I have said its not in the condition, of a lucious blonde thing, its that I respect her as the lady of a Navy Seal, as a broadcaster, and how she gets it done. I watch her at 4:00PM MST, on Blaze(CH-228) here and at 9:00PM MST time here. Once she done, I flat turn the channel. This young filly could be a new upcoming news media star. And demands ones attention.
But I also see a bunch of lets hide behind a cloaking shield to make sure no one can contact us. 
In the situation of HazzardAyre/DixieDiesel, Radio and upcoming HazzardAyre TV, but from our founding in 1983 and even as a syndicated program delivered over a ISDN line, We have trucked the radio highways with many of you out heavy and light hauling, and always, I mean ALWAYS have been able for you to get in touch with us. Whether to tell us we are doing good, or that we are doing not so good. Plus outside of times when our systems go down and that's to be expected, after all they are, albeit electronic, but still mechanical. stuff wears out and needs replaced and/or adjustment. Yet the rest of the time we still deliver our shows.
Our new hire didn't show up yet today, there could be a number of reasons, from she changed her mind, caught the bad rumors of us here in ETown, hey can't help it, when your the Wolf in amongst the sheep, your bound to not be the first recommendation of the locals. Our topics are a bit brash, our music more edgy, and we operate just on the fringe of being legal, but we still get it done. But the option is hers, and no one is going to hold a gun to her head. But we are deadly style radio, and we must be doing something right for lasting this long.
Hitting the rack until late this afternoon.
See ya'll on the radio.