Friday, September 16, 2016

Maybe by the year 2535 Computers will not be full of crap and Introducing Hazzard County University

I always dream of the Star Trek Computers, that except in a short time, but always fixes itself and never screws up. Data entry is by voice command, there are no browser malfunctions and it seems universal translation to all computers. No virus', no malware nothing like that. However have been going through hell this evening trying to get things in line to attempt to do a radio show here in about two hours. Or is my problems just that of giant Google and good old Google's  Blogger program? Would be the first time. The only damn reason I use Google Chrome as well as blogger, is that my posts are instantly posted to my gmail inbox. If it were not for that, I'd dump both, but maybe by 2535 if man is still around, things like this won't be a problem any more.

Okay then , questions abound all over the place, from which state has the largest population of native born blonde women, to which state has the largest amount of absolutely stupid people. To how to know if the gal your drueling over is really a guy. Think of it as the series on Spike TV a few years ago called Manswers, only done Hazzard County Style. On the Facebook page, on HazzardAyre Radio and in the HazzardAyre Gazzette printed version, we'll attempt to answer or really research the subjects, many search for but rarely find. And in most cases its not going to be on either Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 
See ya'll on the radio later on