Sunday, February 26, 2017

HazzardAyre has grown up

A whole 5 degrees on the Thermo-meter this morning here in Etown Wyoming, and you can be assured I'm more than ready to live with overnight temps in the mid 20's. 
Overnight much took place here at the Wolf's Lair, future growth of the Knytes-of-Dixie is predicted to increase by 50% in the 4th quarter of 2017. With a move by the organization to begin running ads on TV , on LaffTV and on Velocity. More over to push down on the pedal, of HazzardAYre TV and its parent Southern Steele TV. With that in mind. Except for my on screen and on radio handle as AyreWolf, everything AyreWolf Aviation has been officially sold to my second Cousin Gordon Sant of Alaska, and AyreWolf Aviation will be ran from that area. However on the domestic front, HazzardAyre Aviation will be my company's parent company and will be headquartered in Gooding Idaho at the Gooding County Airport, with sub stations remaining in Etown Wyoming and Woods Cross Utah. 
HazzardAyre Aviation promises to lift{pun intended} our company and become the secondary main sponsor and financial source for the Knytes-of-Dixie and of course the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. Our towing and disabled vehicle rescue service branch will now operate under the name of KnyteWolf Toewing and be replacing Highway Hooker Toewing and Cooter's A1 Toewing. Hazzard County Choppers will remain intact, and operate as usual, however Cooter's Kustmz will now operate as Hazzard County Kustmz . 
I also learned that two XM/Sirus satellite channels have been set aside for the Knytes. One will be HazzardAyre Channel, the other will go up in 2018, as the Highway Hooker Satellite Network, and be the only satellite radio channel for those , like myself that tow. 
Overnight, Knytes member Brad Paisley passed away, funeral services will be announced soon. Brad was our operational scout, and a Knytes-of-Dixie, board member. As well as chair of the Knytes-of-Dixie Honor Guard. 
Those officer openings will be assigned soon, and will be announced here once assigned. Finally the Miss HazzardAyre 2017/18 will commence in May 2017 and pageant dates will be announced here in April. 
Yes HazzardAyre has grown up, from a lightning bolt prompting to me in Buhl Idaho in 2011, to what has grown faster than a cannibus plant on a pile of manure. 
As I close here this morning, I need to say this. It has been roughly one year this month of February, when my girl Shelly stepped off the Greyhound Bus. With many locals here including some of our church brethren urging me to push back from her, I have grown to love and treasure my Shelly. Granted she's really not all that HOT looking, but then neither am I. However not only paying her dues money to the club each month, but other things she has proven, that she can be counted on , except when she has a business problem, like her credit card company, fugdugly screwing up, she has came through when and as requested. With all my faults and all she loves this old wolf, and I love her, and am looking forward to our nuptuals and wedding in late May only two months now away. 
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