Friday, March 3, 2017

If your an Icon or Maverick you better be real or you will get busted

It's a frozen 16 degrees outside here near Etown Wyoming, and not only is the weather cold but there's has been a bunch of a kicking butt overnight. The first one is that nightmare from Texas is now history. Not saying she's a bad people, but the real chemistry and ability just was not nor would be her with the Knytes. Just isn't. Kinda like  two coon hounds,. You can try to train a canine to chase down a coon and tree it, then there are those hounds that just get it and instinctivly get after it. The gal from Texas just didn't get it. Okay then, and I'll keep saying this for a time, thanks to Quik Draw Embroidery for stepping up to help us. 
Okay then; those that are total and complete mavericks like Pappy Boyington, and such like WolfMan Jack, likewise Howard Stern and even to a smaller degree Tomi Laren and yes even our radio associate Beth-Ann from CSC TalkRadio are real mavericks. These people become and became icons because they did the impossible on their own, no matter who said no, and no matter the resistance . The Knytes-of-Dixie as a small collective, are both mavericks and are becoming icons. The reasons are simple. We as an organization took the idea of what the story lines of the Dukes-of-Hazzard was, stripped away the celebrity actor thing and built albeit heckled reall strongly, but built a medium sized empire. 
There are many I see on such places as Facebook, that are trying to become icons. Many doing podcasts etc, placing ads on Facebook, which does nothing, since fewer people are trolling facebook any more. I yearn for the older sites like Lycos and such. 
I'm proud of ours, mostly because the Knytes gave me the funding to enable me to build my own ambitions and vocations. HazzardAyre Radio, amongst others. This has came through sticking with it, no matter what others said, could not be done. I'm still working on other things, like through the AyreWolvez developing a mach plus speed helicopter, yes Airwolf. The questions are two. First is can it really be built? Back in 1985 maybe not, in 2017 I say yes. Taking from another TV show, we can build it, make it faster and more able. The other question is; why? I say why not? You can try to be a phony, and online its pretty easy to do. How many times have you looked at a picture of someone say on a popular social site, and thought that's hot, but when you really see the person you say ," Whew that'd be a Coyote Ugly moment". 
Answering the questions nobody else dares to, or for that matter asking the questions others feel too taboo to ask. 
To paraphraze comic George Carlin, " Start a path. We don't mind using the ones that are there, but it takes more courage to start your own path." I agree, that's what makes a maverick and an Icon.