Thursday, March 2, 2017

One can't be honest any more and some people shouldn't be patched members when they call bikers spoiled children

No matter how much your told to be honest and all by your parents, all being honest will do is cause you pain and loss. Not to mention, more paper work. Example, recert for my EBT card. No big, I thought, fill it out, came to a question of do you own a business, I said yes. Don't make much money but I own one. Guess what? Now need to make out more paperwork and go through more bullshit just to get that $200.00 a month in food aid. I've always ran  my end of the Knytes company extremely up front and honest. Yet when it came to my grub stake, I inadvertantly shot myself in the foot. Okay moving on.
Went to Cazzin's TrueValue hardware store. Not only did I already pay for this screwed up vaccum's tiny drive belt once, I had to pay twice. I'm honest they aren't, guess who isn't? And figure out who just lost 1,000 customers? Yep Cazzin's . Glad I'm soon out of here.
Next, got a clip from the lady in Texas, notice I'm not saying Angel, any more. On her ability on doing up the pillows and wearables for the Knytes/AyreWolvez. Her supplier can't supply, she can't do it, so we have two choices sell the embroidery equipment or do something interesting, train a Club sister or two how to use them and make a revenue stream for the Club. 
Then the gal from Texas , when I mentioned the former Governor Perry is now Energy Sec, I said this guy is the same guy who is now in charge of Energy and of course soon the EPA will now outlaw things like NASCAR. If it smokes they'll ban it. Perry is the same guy that started profiling bikers for wearing patches and club colors. Guess what Texas, Idaho just past a law stopping that practice. Ask yourself who is biker or for that matter Confederate friendly, if they start with profiling bikers, how long until they continue profiling those who are loyal to southern heritage and liberty. If a political party or official starts in one place, they are like cockroaches, once in a corner they breed and spread everywhere. And so now we move on. Thank you Quik Draw Embroidery of Kimberly Idaho stepping up to the plate to finish the work we need done.
Some states need to travel and visit Idaho, see what Idaho's government is doing right. As Idaho is doing a lot right.
Then went to pay my rent, our complex manager punches it in the computer but the new format of their record keeping came up with me owning money really? Do I need to go fetch my rent receipts ? The pricks she works for was trying to double my rent. Our complex manager, which is number 3 reason I'm still in Etown, but not for long, discovered that a former property firm, who knows my rent and all is good each month, called said they have a place, so checking into it Friday. Could make a slightly sooner than later departure.
Then my Bishop called last night concerning Dave's car. If I'm going to fix the blooming car, I should not be expected to haul it out to my shop and bust my knuckles for near nothing, it's like when my Bishop helped with utilities a few times. We went halves. I'd pay part they'd pay the other half. Again another reason , going home to Idaho is looking warmer and not just 20 degrees warmer than Etown Wyoming. Question of why I left there in the first place, a lady who would not leave me alone. Loved to create drama, and thought that the Club, owed her money from something she did for us years ago, but never did in reality. 
On the EBT thing, because of 5 divorces , including, child support of $750.00($150.00 a month times 5) is where the other $750.00 of my monthly income goes. Your supposed to only have to pay until the kid turns 22(Idaho minimum age) yet if the state has to pay for a few months while your in the Marines serving your nation, and you come home, you got to pay the state back. I do it, but it causes a serious bite into my food supply chain. With Idaho however if I had to update my 411, I'd go to one office, sit down at a counselors desk, she'd enter the deets in the computer and two or three days after the food supply flow would be in place once again. Not in Wyoming. Now its not that I lied to Idaho about our MC or my company 90% of most of Idaho knows its there anyway, nobody there cares. Must be Idaho has more money to dispense than Wyoming does. But hey all too many Yankees voted for Trump. See what ya'll got? Trump ain't going to stop there. Entitlement spending is going to get cut soon, That $800.00 or so a month is going to be whittled down to just about $500.00 or so, then how will ya'll live? But hey you voted for him, when you go to the Doctor, and find that medicine or treatment that was covered on Medicaid, is no longer covered or YOU have to pay more out of pocket for co-pay's , because Trump cut back on that piece of Fed government spending, then is like our gal from Texas going to be waving that banner saying I love Trump?
On that if ya'll notice The gal from Texas is no longer on my friends list on Facebook, but at least now you know why MC's have prospects, long before they fully patch a member. Enuff said there.