Saturday, March 4, 2017

Is Idaho richer in money than Wyoming? And if that's all you have to do on Saturday your in poor shape

Sorry there friends, I had to go choke the chicken some hot gals at Jody's Diner got Herman all excited. Which if it's not chowing down at Jody's its nearly getting drunk at the Legal Tender Lounge, which leave a bunch for improvement. Add to that the place we as a Club were looking at here in Etown, should just be a bar , as the food needs lotsa improvement. 
So I came home and considered the Saturday nights in Hazzard. Now true things have changed there, but Hazzard of a population of the town itself has only 900 people in it. Yet on a Saturday, the Angler and Wilson's bar is open, Snake River Grill(Polish Palace where the Knytes were formed) is sizzling, with good eats, and oh yes cruising in our rods and bikes. During winter or fall, there's home town sports, b-ball and f-ball, summer there are dances at Prince Memorial Gym, (where yours truly set off a can of tear gas in school of which you can still smell it in the heat when its on) plus over at the American Legion Gym, there's also community fairs, dances and concerts. Here in Etown Wyoming, with a registered population but I'll bet that , that's shrinking, only two things open, something is wrong. So I researched and while no conclusive information can be found, I'll bet my next tire change that Idaho is better off in many ways than Wyoming. Yet I can't figure out why. Etown is only 100 miles and an hour good weather hour and 30 minutes in bad. There is a old railroad roundhouse that could handle car shows, and community fairs and festivals, even during the winter, yet no one attempts this. Of course one could argue why don't the Knytes do that, hell the Knytes have gotten our faces slammed into and the door slammed in our faces so much, the effort exceeds the return, even the damn Chamber of Conference CEO won't even come over for a chat. Oh BTW, Hazzard County Chamber of Commerce dues? $100.00 a year, in a population again of 900. CofC dues in Etown $400.00 a year and what do you get for that $400.00? A pat on the head and a dog biscuit. However as I looked over Facebook, saw a group called Naughty Facebook singles. So for shits and giggles signed up just to see who and what was on there. There were a few one from California that looked kinda hot, but more over I ask, if your on Facebook on a Saturday night and your a hottie, what the hell are you doing on Facebook looking for a squeeze? Must be something very seriously wrong with you. Both genders. You must have crawly things coming out of your crevices, and as smelly as Nancy Pelosi after doing Barrack Obama. Thank God above I have my Shelly. 
Now then last week and I need to bring this up, as it relates to my next segment here. Last week strictly business I had to she the lead of the gal from Texas. This is strictly business. As a person, I'm sure that the gal from Texas is a good person and her heart was in it, but like many on facebook, when it comes to donating money, or effort she just doesn't have the human or financial resources. Now then; there has been a bunch here lately blowing the horn of restoration of southern heritage historical monuments, and such. Even to the point of seccession. I say great, but I think too if the south is going to seceed from the union, why not the west seceed from the union? If anything the west, including the Mountain West has been forgotten by much of the rest of the nation. This so called United States(no United about it) only recognizes California, some of Oregon, and Washington State. From there in Nevada to Washington DC, its like there's just a huge land mass that the Government is trying to seize. Example the Bears Ears Monument in southern Utah. Its now a national park. Sure I'm all for preservation of historical burial sites of Native American's but what about the oil and coal under much of that ground, not to mention grazing rights for ranchers and farmers, remember the Bundy's? One man is killed for that in Oregon, only for reaching for his phone to call his attorney. Has that family been compensated by Trump or former Obama? Nope, granted I was sad about the Seal that was executed , but what about the Bundy's?  Not even a fart of noise about that was uddered during the election. Maybe its time the west, drew a line and said Uncle Sam kiss my ass. While I love and forever will love my south and southern heritage, and will continue to be dedicated to this flag 
 I still will be in love with the nation I defended while serving with the Marines, more over its time to start a new movement, the Western States Confederacy. 
In closing , question needs to be asked, is Idaho richer than Wyoming? And why the hell are you cruising Facebook on a Saturday night? If your a hottie, and your looking for love on Facebook, you must have a bunch of things wrong with you and a herd of youngn's at home. Thank God I have my Shelly/SheWolf.
See ya'll on the radio in the morning.