Sunday, March 5, 2017

Can we be a bit naughty without being trashy?

One of the things I really like to do, is hover over some of these sites on Facebook. Especially the so called naughty and erotic ones. It's in a way like I used to do when I resided in Twin Falls. I'd go to the Mall, and just sit there and watch as well as listen to the people. I was able to glean so much content to use on air as well as in print that it made some day time drama's look pale. I call it the study of human nature and if you observe it, it can be rather comical as well as saddening all at the same time.
I also like these erotic so called Naughty sites, barking about how much sex they are getting or not getting , mostly not getting that I have to ask the questions of, does any of these people really know how to please the other? Now to be honest, my sexual education arrived a bit late at around 13 or so. Sure I had grade school crush's especially Peggy and Dawn, One is no longer living, the other no one knows where she went. However to me they were like missions impossible, great to dream about, but never able to acquire. It wasn't until I just got legal to drive my mini bike that I got to learn about the real thing. 
Anyone or most anyone, over the age of 45, had to have had to read the book and see the movie Summer of 42. As for me her name wasn't Dorothy, it was Kathy, but the story was similar. Kathy was the wife of one of the guys that taught me how to turn a wrench, it was one very hot summer in more ways than one. I was out in Less's junk yard looking for a brake master cylinder, I was drenched in sweat, Kathy came out, offered me some lemonade, I went in, and she excused herself to her hideaway bedroom, soon after out came the hot go-go boots, purple nylons, white hot shorts(we didn't call em, Daisy Dukes then) She invited me into her boredoh, and I'll let you figure out what happened after. Dig this; I was 14, she was 28, now days she'dve been arrested, my Dad and mom just chalked it up to sewing wild oats. What I learned that day from her was priceless.
Shortly after, I snagged the book of Ruth's Guide to Great Sex, which I read from cover to cover. But I learned what I needed to know at least to function in the minor leagues . The next step, was a farm hand that Mom hired to take me down to the Sugar Shack in Wells Nevada, taught me the rest to where I could play in the major leagues of human sexual activities. The women in this nation like Kathy or the ones that get paid for it at the Sugar Shack are rare. Few in real life do what they say they want to do. Most of the time a guy has to get most women so drunk, that the women disguard their Victorian inhibitions, that to get one to do as many on those erotic and so called naughty groups on facebook, that you wonder how serious are they? Would even half of them do as they say they want to? 
The women and its mostly few of them that are either hired or will jump on those facebook groups, just to keep the group going and create content. Mostly its guys that are at minimum sinister just to start. The disrespect of these guys on there that I see talking like they do to younger women, just makes my stomach churn. Even the women at the Sugar Shack or say Kathy, or any I have know would slam the door on  a guy that talked like that to them in the real world. The act of slamming the sasuage is one thing, if its preceded by and followed up by lots of foreplay. I call it setting the stage. Doing things like taking a bath with her, and shaving her legs for her, and being every so sensual, is the way to a hot night, not just jabbing it in there, rolling over and falling to sleep. I also am one of the few men that loves lots of cuddling. Just being with her, holding her tight and watching a movie on the couch, gets you points, that will not be forgotten. There are some puritists out there in religious arenas but in reality, Heavenly Father meant for all humans to enjoy and treasure their mating rituals. The thing is, and I've seen it so many times especially at Church. You'll have the so well not so women that dress rather conservatively , then you'll have those, you know are raking it in, that are not so conservative. When I brought up the point to our Bishop, you'dve thought I'd committed an act of treason on the church Ward. There was one young lady there that had no problem dressing in such a way that you'dve thought she was much older. When I brought that idea forward, and it wasn't from the point that I was interested in that way, it was I thought it was a lot of disrespect of our Heavenly Father. The Ward has albeit they say they do, but has never forgave me for that. Seems a bit contradictory don't it. I fully believe that one no matter the gender , but be very much on display and fully interested in sensual mating, not just porn sex, but really intimate threads, why pull off the cover until you test the engine? The big taboos in my world are two. I will not mate with a woman who is a different race than me, and two I absolutely distaine anything of the gay, transgender etc movement. Its a thing of if it ain't for the sex its like hanging with your guy pals, except when he starts eyeing you in a certain way is when I'm out of there. Just like the other day at Jodi's Diner here. just in the bigger table next to me there were these two guys, helping this rather elderly couple with designs on their kitchen. But you could tell these two queers were just that queers. I finished my dinner and got my behind out of there. 
So the question is; does these people on these Naughty sites on facebook, really know what they are talking about? Are the women on there just prick teasers? Or would they really go the distance? Would the women really go out with these guys they chat with? Things, we'll be chatting about overnight on HazzardAyre-Overnight , heard online at