Thursday, March 30, 2017

After awhile it grows on you then you want to treasure it

Evanston Wyoming, a place not known for its outside strangers hospitality. However over time if you live here it will grow on you. The people can be somewhat stand offish, and they can be overly protective however it is a pleasant place to hang your hat. Now many of you who read my column and so fourth as well as tunes into my radio show has heard me and read that at times I'd just as soon drop a nuke bomb on our Etown. That said waking up here every morning, viewing open spaces, the crisp near unpolluted air the deer frolicking through the meadows and such makes you appreciate this tiny Wyoming rural town. Not so much for the people, but some assemblence of peace and tranquility. Going out to my shop, where Internet and cable TV is near impossible to get out there you get to view the great exapanse of both the dark sky with the stars, over flying airline planes from KSLU and so on. Its that point you think, instead of bitch elect to fix.
When I was a small WolfPup on the farm, doing chores or just meandering, my Dad taught me a saying that stuck. When pointing at someone else to do something there are three fingers pointing back at you. Why not you(meaning myself) fix the malady that is a problem? Whether that's local politics, regulations, or just ultimate stupidity. Yes even Hazzard once had that stupid streak. Over time, that concept has guided much of what we do in the Knytes-of-Dixie/Iron-Knytes Association  Our organization is not just a thrill seeking fun group. We get in and dig. If it can be fixed, corrected, problems solved you can bet you next pint of NoS Gas that it's the Knytes at the core of whatever it is. Thus the same thing we as a organization are known for is not integrated into Etown. We as an organization, including the Hazzard County Chamber of Commerce, are helping to stimulate that growth and infrastructure improvement. Now sure I had and a minor degree still do have thoughts of home to Idaho, yet I saw some of the ugly side of the Gem State, and it was not a picture I wanted to see twice. Uncle Jessie Duke, probably said it best whilest we were at Hazzard Creek once of a Hazzard County Boy Scout troop camp. Uncle Jessie Duke said, " The field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it" Meaning that other place might look sweet, but dig down a bit and that sweet turns sour. So for the time Etown Wyoming is where I reside along with my bride Shelly.
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