Monday, April 3, 2017

Jobs you can do in your underwear I love my lyfe and my wyfe .

Jobs you can do in your underwear. The real term is telecommuting or working from home, but I have the luxury of beingable to do my cyber radio gig from home. And because its radio nobody at least now can see me so I am able to dress down if even dressed and still be productive. Granted it's not for everyone, and having some guest hosts once in a great while, in where we do this show that started in Buhl Idaho, in 2010 with only 10 listeners to well over 28,million via internet over the platform of . We started doing cyber radio over a platform called, which is more for video and TV streaming rather than just audio and radio. I kept the livestream in my lap top, but removed it from our main computer. What I like about Spreaker, is that first the program does not dominate my entire computer. I can be doing a show and cyber surf, at the same time. I do my 5 hours, in the am, and 5 hours just after midnight, mostly because our internet pipeline over AllWest has more bandwidth from midnight to 09:00 AM. So I produce the shows and run them at the before mentioned time. All usually in my underwear or gym shorts. 
Got LexiBelle just about finished. Was working on the rear spotlights and discovered that the mounts were too short against the AeroDynic lightbar, so am researching new mounts then its the headliner, then new rubber, new hood with battle flag, then its rebuilding the tail. Am in the concept of boxing the booms. astroturff on the bed, (saw it done on an old Dodge once) then find a graphic artist to put on my nose art. I call it body art. Similar to that of military combat aircraft of WWII vintage. 
This is my idea just need to find someone that can apply it to a truck via an airbrush. 
 I have some other ideas, the graphic on the doors? 
  Then LexiBelle will be ready for duty and able to perform.
There are the brief minutes that I get to just staring at my lady. There are people that misjudge her in her looks, but to me she is beautiful. I look over her and marvel at her and how much I am getting more in love with her everyday. Granted we have our usual, snarling sessions, but there are deep seeded happenings that come to boil once in awhile, of which I find the best way to deal with that is to just shut up, let her get it out of her system and all gets better. Thing is anyone else that would loose herself like my lady does, sometimes I would have given her the boot the first week she was here. However the love I'm experiencing with her here, plus considering that she has gone without, and has contributed to the Knytes as well as me in keeping the shop and the radio op, over the last year, is just some of the reasons, I just stare at her and tell her often , I love You, because I deeply do love her. Shelly is my love and my mate, and I am not giving her up for nobody or anything. I have someone now that truly loves me, for me and the way I am, and so while many woul not think that my Shelly is beautiful and so it is.
Watched LDS Conference over the weekend . Mostly the basis was not to condemn or put other people down and not get too prideful . It's about time this was disgussed at Conference, addressed to the entire membership of the Church and internalizing the concept. I can't count how many Wards that I have went to, where the flaunti it if you got it weekly presentation was paramount. This kind of a thought pattern over time can make someone think they are not welcome at a Ward rather than saying its not what you wear as God does not really care what you wear but what is in your heart and soul. 
This is Hazzard County, in our part of the world.