Monday, April 3, 2017

Told Facebook to pretty much FO when it comes to any kind of advertising

So there I am surfing over my facebook newsfeed when I find an entry from one of my many blogs. With the concept advertise this. So I attempt to do so. Now apparently this 
 is not allowed, reason gave? Too much Capital letters. However naked pics like this 
 or this 
 is allowed. Too me the latter one is very insulting and something I'd never want my wife nor children to view, yet those ad's are okay but one for HazzardAyre Radio isn't simply because its the home brewed creation logo for our radio gig. Here lately Facebook is becoming more trashy than ever. When I sign up for a bikers group or page, I expect to see photos to a degree of hot female flesh. With that said I'd rather see this 
 or this 
 than this;
 maybe the commy college boys at Facebook ought to be more across the board in their acceptance of ads or logos, if this 
 is accepted and this one isn't 
 maybe it's time to say adios to Facebook?