Thursday, April 13, 2017

When a lady Mormon missionary captivates your mind

This is a subject that most likely hasn't or haven't been wrote or talked about.
While it's not too common for a woman to get the warm fuzzy feelings over a male LDS Missionary, its most likely not discussed when the reverse of that occurs. However I am being compelled to carve this out as I shed my threads and get ready to hit the rack, and unloading a very long day. 
Tuesday afternoon after I ventured over to our property managers office to gripe about the lady unloading her cig smoke, in her domicile, I stumbled upon two of our local residing Missionaries, of two young ladies spreading the gospel, of Jesus Christ, and opening some eyes as to the true faith on this Earth.  Now as it just so happens , one of these Missionaries was pretty much generic looking, but the dark haired one was a more than average in a good way looking Missionary, who had some kind of strawberry, candied perfume on that utterly rose my attention level a few points. Don't know if it was that, or if it wasn't perfume, but that of her hand cream or something, but it sure smelled Heavenly none the less. What bothers me a bit, is the fact that I would even have any kind of romantic or similar feelings of a young lady out, doing the Lords work. Is it wrong that I should have these feelings or since after all Missionaries are human. As such of age and why not have visions? It troubles me that a 59 year old man that is more of a fence sitting Church member to begin with, should be viewing one of these walking angels with a none church eye. Maybe it is the fact that for many years since Janice left me, I have prowled the bad and good lands of the Mountain West alone, and solo, that companionship beyond anything physical is not only welcomed but craved. Given that at least here in Etown there isn't many women to connect with in my age demographic. Most here are burly women, that for climatic conditions gain weight and look like small bears, or are way too old or extremely too young. Now the LDS Church, has problems with the thing of socializing anymore. Once you hit a certain age there are few places to gather fellow LDS members in a way to meet a suitable lady, that is or is near being Temple ready. This was one of the main issues with Shelly and I, she just wasn't in a mindset, to jump in a fire of meeting with Missionaries and becoming a member of the church. This is one of my main requirements of any kind of mating. 
But the question is; and I'm still struggling with this: Is it okay or blaspheme to consider a female Missionary as one to court? 
Okay two more items that have came up.
The Hazzard(aka) Knytes-of-Dixie has considered and mandated me to move over and command the Ayre wing of the organization, aka the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. This will not change much of my duties, however my focus will be more on flying rather than the MC as well as the Iron Knytes Association. Bottom line instead of planning biker rallies , I'll be more into producing ayre shows. That is Airshows. 
The last here. I have noticed that there is a terrible echo on our cyber-radio broadcasts. This is something that we are working on. As such , want to welcome our new systems engineer to the WolfPack, his name is Timmy. 
See us on the radio,