Friday, January 20, 2017

Swearing in day on Robert E Lee's Birthday and other political things

Good morning. There are times when you truly need to unplug, get off Facebook and other Internet crap, and just relax your brain, so I did. Slept, got me snooze time all damn day. Considering that I spent much of the previous afternoon, and most of the night doing damage control on a Dorky Facebook page called Wrecker . Once I got that done to a point, did a local LIVE radio show and hit the rack. 
Okay this morning at 07:00 hours Hazzard County Time, good old Donald Trump will be sworn into office. Now is the time to make sure you have clean diapers and your passifier because your going to need it. The last 3 Presidents that we have elected to office to lead this nation out of bondage have been outright idiots, on every point, from foreign policy to domestic economics  to housing, and domestic prosperity. Since Slick Willy was given the boot from DC our nation has been holding onto its balls trying to stay afloat, not prosper, just hold onto your balls to prayerfully make it from Paycheck to Paycheck. Like Clinton, Obama might have been crooked but you have to give him credit. Social Security benefits were not only raised , but at every turn that Congress was about to slash benefits it was Obama protecting those Benefits, Obamacare was and is a mishandled joke, but those who never had medical coverage, finally have some. Trump want to kill that. Thank goodness for Medicare and Medicaid you say? Give Trump time those benefits will be slashed. If not given the axe of death. and the fact that will happen, there will be panic in the street. Watch and see if Trump isn't impeached about mid term. Is or was there an alternative to Trump and Clinton during this past election? Yes Ray McBerry founder of Dixie Broadcasting . com, and of course Ben Jones, aka on TV Cooter, who is the press secretary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. In mid 2010 the Knytes of Dixie(aka Hazzard County Knytes ) established a Facebook Page and group called the United Confederate States of America. Its goal was to stimulate some rather short memory minds to their Southern heritage, to maybe put a platform and all together to elect a true Confederate to being President. Did any of those so called Confederate Patriots listen? The answer is no. Not one grunt, no donations, no nothing, but the Knytes was diligent and was able to get at least one small rural town city council member in Idaho elected on the Confederate National Party which the Knytes had already established in 2008. If you think Trump hasn't slapped the Confederate publics face, consider that Trump will be sworn in using Lincolns bible. On Robert E Lee's birthday. When Bush was elected, I said there's bad wind in the air, sure enough the Twin Towers was ripped by terrorists, supposedly from Iraq. So Bush threw us into a long drawn out war, continuing his Dad's plans and once the desired result was achieved guess what he exited office. Obama was elected, I said then that Robert E and Jefferson Davis amongst others would be rolling over in their graves knowing a African American was President. On all counts I said this is trouble. Guess what few listened. Face it to conquer the poison in Washington DC, takes money to get today's Confederacy in front of the American public. The atrocities that Obama's leadership and his agencies Put upon American's is not only wrong but on the side of out right treason. While Trump is in power its time as it has been written , For every Confederate to come to the aid of our nation. Its time for those dedicated to the cause of Liberty and Freedom, to get our issues in front of the American public like on CNN and FoX News. To do that takes MONEY doing advertising in the form of infomercials. Network executives know one color , that is green. So I urge all of you, dig into your jeans lets stop the mean in DC. 
If my better half who only makes $735.00 a month or our Texas Sister who only makes slightly more than that. Can contribute, certainly many of you who would spend that much at the bar on a Saturday, can donate $100.00 to our cause. 
I got to get back on the air now but contribute and take heed to my words. 
Stay Tuned