Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Wolf still prowls alone, and a stranger from the west

Well looks as though I got skunked again, guess , I was just meant to prowl the woods of life alone. Thought Victoria was it, but she decided to bail over some stupid shit told to her about me by someone that should have known better and should have kept his mouth shut. Oh well been here, done this before so what's new? Federal pay day later today, gotta get Forever Angel legal, plus tire on LiL Wolf's tire changed plus, rents and all, added to that a inspection on the place by the VA to get a housing voucher, so all going to be a busy person. But the main reason I was not on air, is simply, I'm nursing a shredded heart. Guess gotta quit thinking that's ever going to happen and just focus on living each day, with the prayer today will be my last so I can go be with Mom and Dad. Success and all which I have in abundance here, is no good if you can't share it with anybody, especially her. Victoria was the ultimate in women, her beauty was exceeding, only shrouding an inner spirit, that was tarnished by someone that should have kept his mouth shut. Some easing in would have been the key. What's said in the shop, stays in the shop. It's good it was me and not a member of the club this Brandon kid opened his mouth about. As if it would have been a club member, there would not be a Brandon. 
Spent most of the day in the shop, tooling on Forever Angel, came home to eat, got into some music production for Wednesday's show, plus getting ready to go to Twin Falls Thursday to fetch LexiBelle. Was at the place where KNAK will be housed. Dig this the property owner's name is Mr. Bliss, I told him I was raised near a town called Bliss, in Idaho. The guy was born and raised there in nearby Gooding. Some remembering old times. Dig this he rapidly knew who the Knytes are, so guess who has office/studio for dirt cheap? Reason for the revision on Studio/Office is two fold, one AllWest says it'll take $10k to stretch wire to the shop for Internet/TV, so rather than do that, its up town. Two; depending on what goes with my new partner on paying rent and all with the shop, means I might be going to the moove groove rather than relocate LexiBelle, here, me relocates back to where HazzardAyre was created and where LexiBelle is now. Idaho.
Mostly the break was Victoria, she smashed my heart so bad, the idea of living where she does is not too appealing. Broken heart, hammered soul. Guess I should have went to church last Sunday. Too bad the Ward can't point me in the direction of an available Churchy lady . Being solo on the highway of life, is really painful.
It's not about just sex , although I could use some, what it really is about, is having a warm body in the house to be a companion, not just a sex toy.