Saturday, July 4, 2015

Be careful, your YouTube and blog account is next

If it has our battle flag on it, or anything counter culture like honoring those in our fight against Northern Aggression(Civil-War) watch it be screened and removed. 
Case-n-point, just posted a entry here on CB Radio's, it posted but no emailed to those it needed to , in the Sharing department. It posted to FaceBook, but nothing else. Now I can also see and mind me if I ain't right, but you'll soon see anything of southern culture, especially if it has a rebel flag on it being banned and music being removed. Ain't happened yet, but I'll buy you a root beer , if the PC people and college kids that work at all areas of Google, Facebook, Pinterest and others pulling anything and everything that has a rebel flag or has to do with anything Hazzard County, off their services. As it is, I'm looking to move to Canada.