Saturday, July 4, 2015

What's Next the good old CB Radio The Duke Boys had that too in the General Lee

What's next? The Good old CB radio After all they have banned everything from the Dukes and of Hazzard County. Remember the General Lee and all of Hazzard County communicated via the Hazzard County Net, aka everybody that had their ears on as it was said. Although I did see once inawhile a Motorola hand held FM radio on there, most did what truckers did for years, use the old CB. Now that TVLand banned the Dukes off their network, the Confederate flag from being shown in public(try taking that off my shops facade and watch how fast your ass get filled with buckshot) of course there's the idea of getting rid of lead based fuels, for EPA sake, not the environment, hell those white gas motors smell like rotten eggs or a lady squeezing off a queef , so that makes no sense. Then the ATF and other revenuers banned shine(but we all still make it and drink it.) So what's left. Watch the FCC come back in saying we need to license them little black boxes from Japan, and ban the use of the Good old CB, worse yet regulate the FREE speech, that we use over it. You'll need a Radio License with broadcast endorsement to yap on your CB. Give it to Gloria Stienman and all those women's right fashists for starting this political correctness, in the first place. This illst must be dealt with and dealt swiftly. Sure you could go the impeachment of Obama, and that'd be a start. Oh sure he's not going to play the race card, he said so in the speeches he gave during his election and re-election bids, but that would only prolong the malady. What needs to happen, is for many states to just sucede from the union. Take away all but a few Senate and House seats, stop the bull, and then watch this political correctness stuff from going on. Now I'm not running for office, although I have been giving thought to running for Mayor of Evanston here, someone has to step up for small business's in this town. But as I see it our nation needs a overhaul, and a cleansing. Not racial or ethnic cleansing, but a cleansing of its moral compass'. 
HazzardAyre Radio,(I promise) will return Sunday night. Still doing some program editing and engineering here.