Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nylon stockings are still popular especially in London and the UK


Before any of you who know me well get to thinking that this early morning post has anything to do with my nylon stocking on hotter women fetish, don’t think this is what this post is about.

I was watching an episode of Fresh Meat on Hulu you know the UK based series from the BBC on college life, kind of a Big Bang Theory set in Manchester England.

Any mile, so was watching and while not all of the scenes showed gals in hosiery, many of them did , and what I get from this is, the gals in Brittan and the UK, are more fashionably conscience and not ashamed to show of their lower limbs in nylons or at least fashion leggings.

So I again put out the question why don’t women in the USA especially the younger gals copying their English counter parts?

Okay as promised.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the great migration from Twin Falls Idaho to Utah.  That migration was mostly driven by needing a bigger more stable pipeline for HazzardAyre Radio.

Over the year of 2014, I have seen more headaches, and a downward spiral, near to my property mangers husbands pending bankruptcy.

We moved into a slum apartment in Ogden, where the tacos living above me’ kids made so much damn noise running across their floor, my ceiling , that it sounded like the Cavalry was marching. But I overcame that, only to find the taco couldn’t sleep with me doing radio below him. So I started looking for inexpensive office space, to turn into a 24/7 radio studio.  Even then finances were tight, but I found what I thought was an Oasis, in Woods Cross Utah. The first thing that crippled me was a flood at the apartment in Ogden. Turn on sprinklers to water the back lawn and it bubbled up under the cement floor , through the padding and carpet. For nearly a month from the mold poisoning I could not hardly breathe much less do radio. So then came the first guy to a be a room mate. Pay half the rent maybe spread some bread on the utilities. First the guy gets off the forking bus, comes to me but only has half of the deposit, and no last months rent. But I’m a kind soul so let him in. That arrangement did not last a month. A month goes by and the guy doesn’t pay the landlord Dave half of the rent, as he was to do, nor did he help with utilities. Then after having a triad, the guy wanted money from me. Really? Never paid the entire deposit, nor the last months rent. Out he went only after I got landlord Dave to rent the guy a house next door that he owned.  Between Jeff leaving and August, after I gave a character recommendation to Aarons so Jeff could get a bunch of stuff. I had to to keep peace, not because I owed it, but hey it was the less of two evils, bought some grub for Jeff. But to retain the office and pay for the car to get fixed that never really got repaired, just a patch job,  and retain the office and all in Woods Cross, I started looking for another room mate. Granted the room wasn’t big, but under the right conditions and a bit of fix up it could have been livable.

So got this tree hugging, nature food guy who said he was a Navy vet, moved in. I at least got $150.00 out of the bastard, but again he told me he had paid half of the old gas bill and part of the power bill. Come to find he never paid one damn dime.

Then late September, after a month and a half of not getting a bill from Comcast, I kept asking for one, oh it got delivered to our place at Woods Cross, just got put in the box for OUR office. John at I4 said our office got mail through I4. Until I cornered the Post Office delivery guy one late Friday. So after many a heated discussion with Comcast I had to rake out just under $3,000.00 . If John had just told me that there was a separate box for OUR office. But hey mistakes are made, deep down outside of one there I don’t think anybody else there wanted our style of business there at all, especially renegade Military aviator/bikers.  But HazzardAyre Radio began to grow. We started to get noticed, word spread throughout the entire Confederate historical community, biker world and aviation circles that there was a real online radio station dedicated to the southern cause, bikers and the two wheeled lifestyle and of course Vintage military aviation. Then came early October, landlord Dave says I gotta move. I had been looking already, but that $3,000.00 took most of any deposit or pre pay rent money right outta my account as well as the AyreWolvez ‘ account. So for a month and half had to sleep in the office, no shower and all it got messy, but I was able to get a landline and all from CenturyLink installed. I had a place tagged in Tooele Utah, for $450.00 a month all everything paid, that and the office in Woods Cross was just a 80 mile commute. But then got word in late November that an AM radio station here near Evanston was going dark. Some investigation said it could be bought. So the AyreWolvez got on gear. So to accommodate I trucked up here on the 27th of November, stayed overnight looked around and got into what was billed as an apartment, but turned out to be a trashy trailer house out in the middle of nowhere. Yellow Creek in Evanston is about as remote as this old wolf wants to prowl.  Knowing that would not work out long was already looking at just going back to Woods Cross, crashing in the motel next door and finding something else to live in, when on the 15th two incidents occurred, our main Treasurer of the Knytes, and my cousin passed away. So it took two weeks to straighten that out, I had got what I thought would be a good business partner in NGL up here, but ya’ll know what happened there. Some gal who worked there took something out of context threw a cookie and on the 2nd of January out came NGL took my only means of communications and in the process I fell down some rickety steps fractured to almost broke my hip, crunched my knees. The neighbors next door got me better. But hey we are not through yet, I was in the process of moving out of that trailer to Woods Cross, when LiL Wolf overheated. I thought it was a blown head gasket. Found out through our club member here who runs a truck service shop that there was water that had froze during three days of 30 below temperatures . After pouring in two gallons of antifreeze LiL Wolf would run, but needed some extra work. So had to get around. One of our ward members took me down to First Stop Auto in Layton to fetch the General Jaxson,(Subaru car) and after the exchange of $280.00 had car. Now John at I4 considered that I had abandoned the office. Fact is I did not abandon anything, just had no way to get in touch, neither phone nor Internet. Cell phone was in the office in Woods Cross. So after I got moved to the new digs with some dedicated help from Janet here at the Wentworth, last week got together with the Bishop,  who said he’d pay the bill of $1507.00 to bail out the radio gear and all from I4. Although considering I was understanding about the situation of Comcast and the mailbox they’d have at least knocked off some of what I owed to just the back rent. But they have held onto my equipment and all, so I guess we’re equal. So there’s the gig on why HazzardAyre has been off the air for the last three months. However my hip is just about able to handle normal movement. Can’t do stairs too good with my busted knee, so limp around with a cane. If all goes well next week should be off to fetch the gear set it up here, and should be up on air by May or so.

Again need to get some sleep.