Saturday, February 21, 2015

The cold wind doeth blow through my house

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PROWLIN Oh how the wind doeth blow through my house. After two weeks of unseasonably warm weather where certain things like calking around windows properly should have been done, now the wind does blow through. Reminds me a bit of the trailer house out Yellow Creek way I was living in.

The difference between there and here is, I’m paying more in rent, and I have to pay for the electricity to keep warm and lit. Which I was supposed to get some sort of public help with , but ain’t heard squat from either DFS or whatever department that goes through. Sure I got the Bishop to help with the rent this month, but hey isn’t that what I was going to a multitude of agencies for? Sure I didn’t get subsidies in Idaho, but hell, never needed them, Idaho’s energy costs are far lower than western Wyoming. If the next question is why the hell don’t you just move? First the Bishop is working with me so I can escalate through the LDS Priesthood, which is extremely important to me. Second before I move home to Idaho, I’d like to have all my radio station and personal things paid for and back into my paws and third, maybe the Wyoming governors office needs to hear from me in regards to the dragging of feet on what ever benefits I’m entitled to.

I got a chuckle though last week, when Tuesday I called on my EBT card in Utah being transferred to Wyoming, the lady from the Utah Department of Workforce Services asked a simple question, “ what kind of idiots are working in that DFS office in Evanston ?” Such circumstances is why I fully support, the concept of Utah, annexing Evanston. Wyoming government agencies are way too far off to serve Evanston properly, so putting such things in the hands of Utah would be a plus. Although I think both Utah and Wyoming, needs to study how Idaho does these things and how Idaho streamlines these services.

So then outside there’s snow, just a skiff but come afternoon when folks are heading to Church, junior(Adam) had better have the snow plowed. I fully understand the connection of messing with mother and cub here, but damn it , if Junior is to be the maintenance person here, he ought to do the work. I’m still waiting for a curtain rod to be mounted. I asked for that a month ago now.

Dig this, the owners of the Wentworth here got a power shut off notice to the office, a week or so ago they got a shut off notice from CenturyLink, what’s next gas company?

Needless to say I’m looking for other quarters.

Then of course, Junior had to be having all day and all night get togethers. Sure you can have guests, but hey that many minors with an adult boy toy? Can you say arrest? Can you say law suit? There needs to be an adult here onsite monitoring these things, and I’m looking into it.

Any mile, I’m tired, need to prop up the kickstand take a load off , study my church books and catch some sleep, but in closing I wonder what would happen, if I withheld the amount of gas and power used to heat this place from my rent, because its not insulated well enough?


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