Saturday, February 21, 2015

It’s all about big money, and kiss my ass Ebay


So I’m online reading some news from the Slime News of Twin Falls, which only lets you read a couple of articles before they demand you subscribe. Aren’t you glad there’s a free paper still(HazzardAyre Gazzette) any mile I get this pop up from Ebay saying I can’t bid any more. With no explanation as to why. So if I see something on Ebay I like, I’ll just contact the seller involved, pay cash and Ebay can kiss my Confederate ass.

Damn Yankee carpetbagging swashbucklers. Never can trust no damn Yankee no how no way.

If I need something, I’ll just go to the store here locally, that way if I get ripped off, I’ll just go kick the asshole that sold it to me in the head and be done with it, hey MR. NiceGuy left.

Then I read that a cat named Slaymaker over in Twin Falls took a bunch of dairy farmers to the cleaners. Remember the guy that did up that great video on RFDTV about his hay cube company? Well the guy spent tons of money on Meth, didn’t deliver product and now will live at the prison out on Gowen field near Boise. And then some folks call us , more over me a con dude. Maybe more should listen to members of the Knytes and do as we do, rather than taking these smooth talking shysters at their word.

It’s just like here in Evanston, some guy comes in promising the moon to the citizens over KEVA AM, and then not knowing we walk in and are busting our ass to really do something with the aged old station. Yet, people bought that dudes bullstuff, and now we are having an even harder time getting things in gear. Speaking of which , got wind today our FCC License app has been granted and will be viewable on the FCC Docket page sometime in 10 days.

Okay then, was looking over my kitchen cabinet for something to eat, my knee is acting up so didn’t want to truck over to the store.

So found some Bean and Bacon soup, guess that don’t keep forever. After I upchucked that got out some veggy soup, and tried to make hot dogs, well trying to do that without a boiling pan is an art. Its not just the radio gear Bishop being held in Woods Cross, Utah, it’s every thing I own including pots, pans, eating utensils , lets find some way to pay this off.

Okay then, so tried to make hot dogs. That idea went belly up, so as bad as I hate it, bought a TV dinner, and some milk for a few days. And ate a bowl of cereal.

Big companies no longer care about the people they sell things to, its just how much bread they can make off each sale. Product quality and consumer satisfaction is just a forgotten conclusion. Our nation is in dire straits, and there’s only one way out and its this>images and this>socv logo Here in the west its simply us>koa mwc logo2 any questions, its time for some people to quit listening and watching the con artists and start trusting in us. Together we can and will repair this nation. We have done it Abe Lincoln’ way for 200 years, its now time to try it Jefferson Davis’ way for the next 200 years.

We believe.koa mwc logo So should you.


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