Monday, February 16, 2015

Another day off for a already lazy nation


Another day off for an already Lazy nation. Most of the government and related business’ and agencies will be closed today. Mail will not run or be delivered. And nothing get’s done. Nothing new. Seems that for every week we work there is a over do of days of the month that we don’t.

Certain parts of our economy and commerce will however be working. Law Enforcement and public safety agencies, i/e fire departments, ambulance services, ER’s and so on, and of course us in towing.

A side note, after sleeping it off, even if I do quit radio and all due to missteps here lately, what’s the worst that can happen? I keep going towing, is all , not a bad trade off. However if all I can do is tow, might as well do it back home in Idaho, where I know all of the players in the game.

Last here; Every now in again, I see a word, that describes a part of the female anatomy that I need to go look up to see what the word means, such as the word areola . What the hell is that, so looked it up, very little description. Need more research.

The word came up this morning as I read a story coming from neighbor state Montana, that has a bill in the running for a ban on women wearing Yoga pants in public. I am all for that. Lets face it, there are certain bodies that just don’t look good in tight spandex. More over attire relaxing is everywhere.

Take the LDS Church for instance.  The church authorities, and especially most church teachings tell us that we should all dress moderately. More over have respect of what we wear to the lords meeting house. Yet I see low cut blouses, that expose everything shy of the nipple, I see skirts so high cut that if she farted you’d see her butt crack, oh and Niki, love the speedo g string. Exotic dancer style heels, and no nylons or few on any gal at church. How can we as normally testorone flowing males keep from having impure thoughts, when you have vixens all over church?  It’s been said by many so called experts that rape and sexual assaults are not from sex drive, more of conquest, while that may be so, give one that hasn’t had any female to male contact for a long time the right stimulus and your going to see some sort of action.

My advice is to all women, if you don’t have it for sale, don’t advertise or tease.

I’m going back to bed.


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