Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rework of the Knytes

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Well , I told you I’d be here at 04:00 and I am, something to do with bandwidth, system runs a tad


Okay , High Council meeting last night. Results? Club reverting to its original handle as the

Hazzard County Knytes, in all its forms. Something to do with showing America we are more than,

but not taking away from being an MC. So we start work that way.

Some officer shake ups though. Ben Jones (aka Cooter) will remain President of the Hazzard County

Knytes, however, VEE-PEE will go to James Best(aka Sheriff Roscoe) 2nd VP, Shooter Jennings

3rd VP and CEO; Yours truly (aka AyreWolf). All that means is my work load got much heavier.

Starting the Miss Hazzard County 2015/16 talent search. This years GP is a whopping $200K

MISS HAZZARD2 as such its time to get stinky with the kinky again, hot legs, small feet , dainty toes

in nylon hose is the required basic attire, anything else is up to the applicants.

Finally, the>RC LOGO is back on the front burner, and its a big deal for a southern cooked

meal here in Evanston. Details Monday evening.

Want to announce, Mirinda in Gooding Idaho, the one of only 4 women in the Knytes that has

voting privileges has opened a new gig there. Called ; Rebel Racing Graphics. If your looking to put

the punch on your race ride get in touch with them, just wonder if she can do something for the

club’ logo for a few rods and rigs?

Gotta hit the rack, church today. As I close, I wonder, if those who write the books I read to advance

in the LDS Priesthood and all, really apply, what is being taught. Such as, here’s a Priesthood Brother

needing help to once again free the radio gear from bondage, basically with a serious need, could sure

use some bread to gain some traction in the action here. As I read my book, it talked about how

Priesthood brethren are supposed to be united in helping others in the priesthood. There are other

things that are taught that I wonder, how close any of them follow what their being taught?

Case-n-point, only have seen my home teachers twice since I have been here, although I’m greatfull for

all the Ward has done and will do for me here, some serious blessings to my household and me would

be greatly appreciated.

Any mile need sleep.


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