Sunday, February 15, 2015

If you think your postings on Facebook are yours, think again


Darksides logo_thumb If you think your postings are not being monitored and screened for content, especially COMMERCIAL content on Facebook, think again. Saw where at least several of our pages are being held hostage on Facebook as well as several group pages. Post too much to your friends of your feelings or life plans, if Facebook even smells the slightest whiff of a commercial thing, guess what? Out comes the captchas . Tried to covertly tell two of my close friends here Janet and Niki that this old wolf is outta here April 1st, and guess what? Captchas.

Don’t ya’ll think that old Zuckerburg has enough money , so as to leave even volunteer groups needing to get the word out would ignore, their boost pages and such and let YOU post things on YOUR Facebook page? I get pissed at these big bazooka companies like Google well not so much Google they have treated me okay, but Facebook, your killing the people that made you. Now tell me Mark; who made who. I thought you wanted people to share feelings and news, update their status and spend more time on Facebook, as it is all your doing is chasing people off.

Of course there are the other guys, like Yahoo, that laid off some 300 workers for not meeting unattainable sales goals, LinkedIn doesn’t work half the time, no matter how you try to post an update, so Mark young buddy, keep pissing off the people that rose you to power, and you might soon be singing the Lycos/Yahoo sad song.


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