Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aren’t you glad that there is the HazzardAyre Gazzette ?

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I don’t think she likes me much any more, but then I’m on my way out any way.

Over night I made the serious decision to put a date stamp on my exit from this hell called

Evanston Wyoming. While the club will be running the radio werx and all here, I for one will

not have to call this stink hole my home any more. I-84 to I-80 puts me here if I need to be here, but gently

gets me out of here after.

So got to looking at my situation. Sure can’t do the radio gig right now, at least until we get our T1

pipeline installed and operational, the studio built and all, but that don’t mean that we can’t attack

the media as a printed publication as well as online. Heck if people are willing to pay $1.00 for the Uinta

County Herald that has little to read about anyway, plus wont accept the invitation to have me write a column or two

for them, piss on em, why should I spend my ad money with you when, you wont let me include a

section in your paper. That’s why I didn’t buy ads in your paper. I’ll bet there are quite a few others

in Evanston that feel the same way.

Especially at $18.00 per column inch are they nuts? Hey Mark old buddy, the Herald ain’t the SL Tribune.

Your paper sucks.

So like just about everything else, who comes to the rescue? The Hazzard Knytes and we are coming to

the rescue to get out a weekly or bi-weekly paper worth $1.00 that you’ll want to read and subscribe

to. Oh and advertisers in Evanston, its only a $50.00 flat rate, no matter how many words , size

of photo or content, You pay us $50.00 a month, your in for that whole month , no matter how many

times you run an ad in our paper.

Okay then.

I was looking over the content on both my Facebook and Yahoo home pages. My has it gotten stale. I thought

its good they don’t charge money to view things on there, no body would subscribe.

Dig this you’ll be able to read our paper, the HazzardAyre Gazzette, online free and you’ll get to really

read the WHOLE DAMN PAPER, free. If you want to subscribe fine if not, thanks for looking,

Newspapers these days, have gotten rather snippy . Its not just the local paper here in Evanston.

Every paper I know of has limits on how much free content you can read, beyond that ya’ll gotta

subscribe. However in this day and age, with foreign wars, and people like ISIS and such , ALL media

has a responsibility to keep people informed. We get to you through our newspaper and our online

radio station soon to go over the air in Evanston in September 2015.

We cover news and events, much like you hearing it from a neighbor, whilest sitting on your front

porch sipping lemonade after milking cows. Not like some college aged kid in an air conditioned

office barking at you.

But the HazzardAyre Gazzette is not new.

The HazzardAyre Gazzette was originally the Hazzard County Gazzette, created out of a free want

ad publication out of Gooding Idaho in in 1997 called Monkey Bizzness , when publisher Mickey, got

a better gig in Boise, she sold the publication to us, we in turn renamed it and shazzam , Hazzard County


Mainly a publication of the greater Magic Valley(Twin Falls) Idaho area, the Hazzard County Gazzette

grew. We are now read in Metro Utah, Southeast Idaho and now here in Evanston/Rock Springs, Wyoming.

We swapped out the county thing, installed Ayre, and as such the HazzardAyre Gazzette is more in

step with the radio gig.

Still the southern bred newspaper you loved.

Okay then, with all that said, and my insides finally settling I can go back to doing some shut eye.

Finally my move away day? 07-02-2015.


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